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  1. tjmorton

    Clunking/Popping On Left Front Going Into 1st Gear

    Hello all, back after almost exactly 1yr with a new problem with my 4 angry squirrels build. Before I get started however I'd like to thank you guys for being my go to resource while I've been working on my TJ. The information and knowledge on this forum is incredible. So, I'm currently...
  2. tjmorton

    2001 TJ Airbag Disable Switch Open

    Hopefully someone has had this issue and can provide a little direction.... 2001 TJ SE, airbag light on instrument cluster has been coming on/off intermittently over the past few weeks. No apparent rhyme or reason to when. Horn works. Cruise works. Turn signal cancel works. Turning has no impact...
  3. tjmorton

    A/C Not Working

    Hello all, I've wanted a Jeep since I was a kid and finally made it happen last week. 2001 Wrangler SE. Would have preferred the 6cyl but I'm pretty pumped regardless. Jeep has low miles (114k) and some upgrades (lift, 33s, winch etc) but does need a little work. Since I live in TX and its...