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  1. Mumblewood

    New Dick Cepek Fun Country Install

    When I was growing up (70’s-80’s) a guy in our jeep club has a set of those in 33’s on a hardtop CJ3a. They kicked a$$ in the snow
  2. Mumblewood

    Coolest Colors on a Jeep

    Some day I’d love to paint my jeep either house of kolors kandy cherry or kandy cobalt or pagan gold
  3. Mumblewood

    Truck Campers

    There’s one of these conversions down the street from me I almost want it but if I’m gonna do something like this I’d want a slide out a longer bunk
  4. Mumblewood

    Washington Walker Valley Sat AM?

    Rowdy, still fixing stuff since November. Went off the trail into a rock garden due to ice. I hate welding housing so I’m having someone else do that, but I can’t get it to the shop till I can steer it and life has been too busy to find time to work on it lately. But I’m starting to get anxious
  5. Mumblewood

    Washington Walker Valley Sat AM?

    I’d go but the jeep has to go to the shop still. Pretty sure the axle tubes are bent
  6. Mumblewood

    PSC steering gear install

    Perfect, thanks
  7. Mumblewood

    PSC steering gear install

    A little back story, So I busted the sector shaft on the stock box a few months back and thought is was time to upgrade since this is not the first time the box has failed me. I was looking at a red head box but found a sale on PSC stuff so this came out to $1 cheaper. I will upgrade the pump...
  8. Mumblewood

    Made A Flat Tow Mistake

    Tranny will be fine,
  9. Mumblewood

    Iconic Jeeps in Movies & TV

    Gumby’s jeep
  10. Mumblewood

    Iconic Jeeps in Movies & TV

    Hound from Transformers
  11. Mumblewood

    Iconic Jeeps in Movies & TV

    Sarge from cars
  12. Mumblewood

    Truck Campers

    I’m with Wildman. I’ve never needed to air down the tow rig. And besides the dirt campsites and gravel roads it really doesn’t go “off road”, that’s what the jeeps for
  13. Mumblewood

    I hate the carpet!

    I haven’t had carpet in my jeep since 2003. I have a cut down truck bet mat in the back and some thick rubber floor mats up front (can’t remember who makes them since they have also been there since 2003) heat and noise don’t bother me and it takes like 2 min to remove everything thing to hose...
  14. Mumblewood

    Washington Walker Valley Sat AM?

    Man that’s a nice 7, I wish I could have made Walker, just got another box of parts and should be up and running in about 2 more weeks
  15. Mumblewood

    Unidentifiable control arms

    I had those, old teraflex. Keep them greased.
  16. Mumblewood

    Truck Campers

    I bought a 2008 chevy Duramax extended cab 3500 srw long bed 4x4 new for the following reasons I wanted a camper I wanted to trailer my jeep I knew I wanted a long bed since I’ve had short beds in the past and regretted them. I also have had long beds and never regretted them I wanted the 4x4...
  17. Mumblewood

    117° in WA? Real men don’t need A/C

    I’m pretty excited to go work in a heat treat shop tomorrow. Probably spend most of the day shutting down furnaces due to my cooling water over temping.
  18. Mumblewood

    PSC steering gear fluid

    So I just got a PSC steering gear to replace my stock/broken steering gear. As of now I’m still going to be running the stock pump for a while. My question is that they recommend Swepco 715 but I was wondering if there is any alternative fluid I can run for now since I don’t have the PSC pump...
  19. Mumblewood

    How do you secure tools, cargo?

    Tool bag, recovery bag, air tool bag and fluid bag all strapped down across the back between back seat brackets
  20. Mumblewood

    Washington Pick Up A Mountain 2021 September 17-19 2021 (CANCELLED)

    This one I’ll probably make. I prefer it to the beach cleanup and my kid had way more fun at this one