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  1. RINC

    Arizona Coffee & Crawlers

    Short notice. I am heading over to Desert Rat in Tempe for the Coffee & Crawlers. 0800hrs to 1000hrs 8/14/21 @Blackiosh @RINC @Farmergreg @Boinked @Chris @starkey480 @nk24 @Jamison C @ac_ @Gblabla @1945GPW @kmas0n @Rooscooter @JnJ_Adventures @PurpleTJAZ @5632 @Pressurized @Wakeangel @Dale W...
  2. RINC

    Looks reasonable to me
  3. RINC

    Teenager Takes His Homebuilt P.O.S On A Road Trip

    Man I want to do this stuff. Ever since I first saw 1320video covering these races. My Dad is even hooked on watching these Youtube guys and their channels.
  4. RINC

    Florida Man Drag Races His Street Car

  5. RINC

    Elvis Trail Or How My Ego Took A Punch

    I need a second crack at this trail. First trip, I took the bypass around the waterfall. Screamed like a girly man too.
  6. RINC

    RINC Youtube Channel

    My past exploits at Speedworld.
  7. RINC

    Feel The Love

    Happy Valentines Day you filthy animals.
  8. RINC

    Arizona Backway To Crown King

    Who would be up to do it ? Has anyone ever run it ? I have heard about it for years. Never had a Jeep till lately. Just putting this out there to gauge the interest in it. @Chris @starkey480 @DaveC @pc1p @nk24 @Blackiosh @Farmergreg @Jamison C @Boinked @ac_ @Rooscooter @PurpleTJAZ...
  9. RINC

    Arizona Table Mesa Rd (1-17-21)

    Let's Roll ! New River to Seven Springs I heard it's called. Thanks @DaveC @Chris @starkey480 @DaveC @pc1p @nk24 @Blackiosh @Farmergreg @Jamison C @Boinked @ac_ @Gblabla and any AZ peeps I forgot. 8am that Sunday sound good ? I have my safety meeting on Sat at 11am so I was thinking of...
  10. RINC

    RINC's 1st Jeep

    Ok, I'll start me a thread. 04' Patriot Blue X 4.0L 5-speed
  11. RINC

    Out of the darkness and into the light

    Chris here. I done gone and did it. Bought a '04 Sport 4.0L 5 speed After months of lurking on here, I thought I knew all I needed to know. I don't know anythang.