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  1. AMS417

    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    If it had a V8 option and solid axles I might take it more seriously.
  2. AMS417

    What serpentine belt for 2006 TJ?

    It’s ok, gates is my preferred brand for accessory drive stuff.
  3. AMS417

    Recommendation for large gauge electrical crimper

    I have the HF one. It’s been fine the several times I’ve used it building my camper and routing new cables on the 12v side.
  4. AMS417

    What serpentine belt for 2006 TJ?

    I’d replace the idler and tensioner pulley while you’re in there. If it needs a belt those other items are likely due as well.
  5. AMS417

    What serpentine belt for 2006 TJ?

    2006 4.0L with air should be Gates K060882.
  6. AMS417

    This recovery has it all

    For bringing two built rigs and a custom trailer, plus the extra hands that's totally reasonable for recovery. I would have expected more really.
  7. AMS417

    This recovery has it all

    Whatever he wants would be my guess. Who else has the equipment to handle something like this?
  8. AMS417

    Issues with 42RLE

    Any codes? Sounds like its slipping in drive.
  9. AMS417

    Porsche Driving Experience

    I've done a bunch of these over 20 years in the tire industry. Some are awesome. Both the recent ones I attended were really a blast. Ron Fellows in C8 Corvettes outside of Vegas, and Wide Open Baja in BC class off-road race cars in Baja Mexico. Did Ford Performance School in Mustangs at...
  10. AMS417

    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    Saw someone flipping one on FB Marketplace today for $20k over MSRP. Just had delivery miles on it. They wanted like $80k for it, WTF?
  11. AMS417

    Grease for winch

    My clutch lever was super hard to turn. Shot of WD-40 really helped. Need to pull mine apart and service it.
  12. AMS417

    Pre-purchase feedback

    Way more than I’d pay but the market is stupid right now. Sold a 2005 Rubicon in great condition with 85k last year for $17.5k.
  13. AMS417

    Ultimate camping and towing rig

    I drive the same way and from here to Hot Springs is all up and down hills. I got nearly 20mpg round trip to St Louis empty. For what I use it for I have no regrets going with a gasser. With prices today I would have kept my 1500 and bought a clapped out 1 ton diesel van to pull my trailer.
  14. AMS417

    Ultimate camping and towing rig

    I have heard the "my diesel gets 19mpg towing" so many times. Last trip to Hot Springs AR I got 7.7 round trip and my two buddies in diesels got just a little bit more towing less weight than me. Both Fords, one 6.0 and one 6.4. I bet the new 6.7 does better, but not that much better.
  15. AMS417

    Ultimate camping and towing rig

    I have 10k towing miles on my gasser already. The 6.4 hemi doesn't seem to mind pulling 12k all day long. Modern gas trucks have enough gears to pull way better than the old 3 and 4 speed auto stuff did.
  16. AMS417

    Ultimate camping and towing rig

    Exactly why I didn’t buy a new, or used sundowner. My trailer was $15.5k and I’ve got about $2.5k in the build out. It weighs about 6300# and has a 14k GVWR on the sticker but has 3x 5200# axles.
  17. AMS417

    What would you do to my Jeep if it were yours?

    I'd sell it. Its too pretty to bounce off of rocks and trees.
  18. AMS417

    Ultimate camping and towing rig

    What I wanted but couldn't justify the price so I made my own. 36ft" overall, box is 12 foot on the flat wall plus the V. Works pretty good for two people. Guy we wheel with has a 40" Sundowner open deck with 20ft living quarters. About $100k new, be pulls it with a Freightliner crew cab...
  19. AMS417

    Is there a difference between a rebuilt and re-manufactured 42RLE?

    Could also be the ECM, check with @Wranglerfix on the symptoms. 05-06 autos are known to have issues. I have an ATS reman in mine, its been great but they are pricey.
  20. AMS417

    Axles and Engines

    Look for a 05+ Super Duty Front, and a Sterling or 14B with disk brake rear. You can pick them up cheap and a set of F450 shafts is like $400 for the front. You would have a rough time breaking those on 37's. I have seen guys do it on 40's but it takes a lot of effort. I just grabbed a 05+ 60...