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  1. JamesAndTheSahara

    Help me find these screws

    Hey guys, during my tub tear down I misplaced a set of early model visor TJ screws and one door pull screw. Any idea where I can get all 3 of these for less than $15? I’ll go with Davey’s if need be.
  2. JamesAndTheSahara

    Local show JKU

    I dunno guys, whatcha think?
  3. JamesAndTheSahara

    Perpetual photo uploading error

    I am consistantly getting this error uploading photos for nearly a week now. Photos upload fine on my computer but uploding via iPhone’s google app can’t get them to get past this: It has been occuring for about a week now with many different photos. Its intermittent & occurs with untrimmed...
  4. JamesAndTheSahara

    Guitar Question

    Hey guys! I’ve been playing guitar for quite some time now and bought and sold many guitars. I’ve currently been rocking two fantastic guitars but I saw something weird pop up on FB marketplace.. a $150.00 Korean Epiphone Poly V with Floyd Rose. Of course I tried to find one online and finding...
  5. JamesAndTheSahara

    So Instant Air Supply died a while ago?

    So in December I contacted the owner wanting to make a purchase post Christmas for their sale. A day after Christmas I tried contacting him and no answer. Two days later he took down both his website and his facebook page. His personal email doesn’t net a response either. Its been nearly 2...
  6. JamesAndTheSahara

    Please Delete

    Please delete.
  7. JamesAndTheSahara

    Who was looking for the beadlock mickey thompsons?

    PM me, I found a set for sale.
  8. JamesAndTheSahara

    Something to brighten up your day

  9. JamesAndTheSahara

    Could use some help with shocks

    Hey all! So I am really trying to understand my current shock/lift setup as I don’t know what is good versus bad. My lift kit is 3” Savvy/Currie Springs and the 3-4.5” Fox IPF 2.0 Shocks and a 1.25” body lift. Currently I have 33” tires, 3.5” of front bumpstop, and 4” of rear bumpstop. This is...
  10. JamesAndTheSahara

    SOLD For Sale TJ Gobi Roof Rack (Stealth) W/ Extras

    Hey everyone! I am selling a nearly new TJ Gobi roof rack. I am taking the build a different direction. This rack includes the additional sunroof insert, two rear ladders, wind screen, and the quick release tabs so you can easily lower the soft top. It is set up for a light bar and you can have...
  11. JamesAndTheSahara

    Help with stock recovery point

    Hey all! Recently I received a stock rear tow hook for a TJ and was stoked to install it. Although I didn't account for a change in TJ frames so the hole used for the nut plate isn't on my TJ. Any advice on how to make this hook work as a safe recovery point? Not 100% confident in using it when...
  12. JamesAndTheSahara

    In Search Of Rear Tow Hook W/ Hardware (MOPAR)

    In search of TJ Factory Rear Tow Hook W/ Hardware. I originally was going to buy one from Davey's Jeeps but he managed to sell EVERY single one of the ones he had after I called this morning to place my order. I checked on Ebay and the one person selling one is selling it with a rear bumper and...
  13. JamesAndTheSahara

    Is my TJ the only TJ where my soft top leaks less than my hard top?

    I mean seriously, my back window seems to allow a significant amount of water in at the very top where the glass meets the seal/hardtop. I can't even seem to source a replacement seal for it and it looks fine. Any advice? I never thought my soft top would ever be 100% dry and my hard top would...
  14. JamesAndTheSahara

    SOLD For Sale: TJ Bartact Seat Covers

    Hey everyone! I am posting up for sale a set (Front & Rear, Black & Coyote) of the best seat covers in the market! I am upgrading to a set of suspension seats & want to make sure these go to a good home. They are lightly used with no cuts/serious signs of wear (Some light staining in the...
  15. JamesAndTheSahara

    Winch Wiring Advice

    This is an open response thread, just wanting someone to point out something they like/dislike about this. I'm trying to make sure a wire won't rub & cause a fire. To ensure this doesn't happen I used conduit over the pre-installed warn quick disconnect 2 gauge wires routing them through the...
  16. JamesAndTheSahara

    Tuneup Help?

    So my TJ has an hesitation issue on a cold start where it has no throttle response above 2k rpms. I'm throwing no codes but my TJ's history definitely had a sinning past. Really needs a tuneup (High idle sometimes) so I'm going to start there. Being a 98 I know I need a Rotor/Cap/Air...
  17. JamesAndTheSahara

    Save My Soul Alternator Replacement

    uh yeah the alternator needs to be replaced now. Please let me know what would be the best replacement for my 1998 TJ Wrangler 4.0 Sahara with the 117A alternator. I was looking at the replacement alternator from Napa (Bosch) for $150.00 with lifetime warranty. Help me get my rig running again...
  18. JamesAndTheSahara

    Jeep Electrical Upgrade (Need Advise)

    Hey everyone! Lucky for me right as the other battery related thread was going on I was getting the 'ole famous voltage drop: I did the proper thing, took apart the battery terminals & cleaned them up real good. Started driving again, same issue (Issue appears immediately if the heat is on to...
  19. JamesAndTheSahara

    Anyone running or installed a lunchbox locker?

    I am planning on getting and installing a no-slip powertrax lunchbox locker in my Dana 30. Has anyone here ever installed or is currently running a lunchbox locker? Is it something someone decently mechanically inclined could manage? I have full intention of going with an ARB or e-locker in the...
  20. JamesAndTheSahara

    Help looking for tips on inspecting used winches

    Got any tips on inspecting a Craigslist winch? I have confirmed with the owner I will be connecting it to power to ensure it pulls the line in or out. I will confirm it free spools. Do I need to load test it? I’ll be driving down on black friday to south florida to pick it up. Owner says it...