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  1. NashvilleTJ

    Jeep Transport Recommendations

    I have a good friend who is starting a UT / Colorado trip in Salt Lake City, and is looking for a service to transport his JT from Nashville to Salt Lake. Does anyone have any recommendation or experience with a transport service which would do so? Thanks in advance, Jeff
  2. NashvilleTJ

    Colorado Looking for help from my CO Buddies

    Last summer I and several buddies did an adventure motorcycle trip through Colorado. We did the Colorado Back Country Discovery Route (BDR) which goes from Wyoming down through central CO to New Mexico, almost all off road. It goes up and over many of the coolest passes in CO: Cottonwood...
  3. NashvilleTJ

    Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern Help

    I'm setting up a set of 5.38's on a 14 Bolt I'm building over on my build thread. I got a lot of great input here when I did my '60 setup about a month ago, so here I am again hoping for the same. After five setups ranging from 0 to 30 thou on the pinion carrier shim, here it is at 13 thou and...
  4. NashvilleTJ

    You might be a mall crawler if...

    Recently while watching a thread about another member being called a Mall Crawler, Jeff Foxworthy's bit "...You Might be a Redneck" came to mind. I though it would be fun to see what folks here can come up with along those lines. Nothing mean spirited, but I think this could be fun. I'll start...
  5. NashvilleTJ

    Ring and Pinion Gear Pattern Help

    I'm setting up new R&P gears and ARB locker in my high-pinion, reverse-cut, pro-rock 60, and I'd like some input on my last pattern - it the 6th iteration. I'm also posting this on my build thread, but was hoping to get some more feedback. Thanks in advance. Backlash is about 6.8 thou. Any...
  6. NashvilleTJ

    Nashville TJ's Build Continued

    I am new to wranglertjforum.com, but not new to Jeep's or forums in general. I've spent a good bit of time over on..., well..., let's just call it thatotherjeepforum.com. Lately though, it's become more and more quiet with not nearly the activity as when I joined many years ago. Come to find...
  7. NashvilleTJ

    Nashville TJ's Accidental Post Thread

    Chris - Please kill this - posted by mistake.