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  1. AndyG

    Dana 44 Rear Fluid Change Method

    Do you use the drain plug or pull the cover and is there any concern of leaving fluid in axles- I was told I over filled one once but never knew what I did, used 2 quarts, so I assumed I left fluid in. Thanks, Andy
  2. AndyG

    6” KC Housings to LED

    Are there any lower cost options than KC to convert their classic 6” halogen to LED or the stock TJ driving light housings?
  3. AndyG

    Do this and help the world

    I want to challenge every young person on here to consider this as a life habit- BE REAL. By this I mean don’t get caught up in flim flam excuses and cop outs that destroy your credibility and cause you to live a lie you told yourself and and others. Genuine people will roll their eyes when...
  4. AndyG

    Older Viair on board air

    My TJ has the system that has the silver tank that looks sort of like a scuba tank mounted behind the backseat vertically- I’m guessing it was put in around 2003- 2004- Is the tank essential and what happens if I try to get away from it?
  5. AndyG

    ‘ 03 Console lock has a catch in it ?

    What is the best fix? The button has a catch in it as you press it- key works fine.
  6. AndyG

    Employee Training Challenge

    I am a remodeler and face one huge challenge in training employees- variation. We never do the same house, layout, style, design, material, dimensions, etc- the judgement calls on what will fly are endless. A good, willing guy is a 1-2 year project at the minimum to become productive...
  7. AndyG

    The great resignation—where is the hired help?

    When did people decide not to work? When did McDonalds offer $19 per hour to start? When did companies offer Next Day Pay? When did states offer $2000.00 to go to work and get off unemployment? How did we get to the point that people are so terrible at work that we tolerate it- just to have...
  8. AndyG

    My Centramatics got better

    With 300 -400 miles on my new mud tires I installed centramatics and have been happy with the performance, but still noticed some minor shake at 60 plus mph- at that point they have been ran maybe 350 more miles with the balancers- we left today for a road trip and within 100 miles it smoothed...
  9. AndyG

    Centramatic Tire Balancers

    When I saw the number of weights the tire shop used to get my new 12.5” x 33” Kenda Klever tires on beadlocks “ the best they could” I decided to try a set of centramatic tire balancers. They make these mud tires feel like my KO2’s, smooth as can be. It is also reasonable to think they will...
  10. AndyG

    Johnny Joint Primer Needed

    When I go to the website , i see joint after joint that look similar and my brain just melts- On an upcoming LJ project I think i need left hand and right and with 1 1/4” threads, and pretty sure I need 1” or 7/8 “ left and right hand for the uppers- What are the critical numbers to look at...
  11. AndyG

    NV3550 making lots of really bad noises

    I’m currently sitting in a parking lot afraid to move this jeep- it started making a noise in second and third under load, suspected a manifold crack- and then it got real loud real fast and something happened- it starts making a bad sound from the drive train and has a “catch” as the tires...
  12. AndyG

    Rear sway bar diameter

    2003 Rubi Does anyone know the diameter of the stock rear sway bar?
  13. AndyG

    Pulling to the right with mud tires

    I decided to give load range C Kenda Klever mud tires a shot- with all parts tight up and in soec up front, 25 psi and no other changes, I have a subtle right pull on crowned roads that my KO2’s never had. I realize cross caster is factored in for that. I know mud tires are not all terrains...
  14. AndyG

    A Cleaner 4.0 Oil Change

    A 32 oz. cup and a utility knife is all you need-
  15. AndyG

    Tire shops don’t like 26 psi

    Rolled out of the tires store with a death grip- 38psi. Trying to get a tire store to do 26 psi is like trying to throw away a garbage can when the local waste collection service comes by- they just can’t understand.
  16. AndyG

    What outer diameters do weld in Johnny Joints come in

    I am just trying to understand what is available-
  17. AndyG

    Jeeps and kids (sort of)

    This was on a local Jeep Club web page. Pretty Cute.
  18. AndyG

    Personalizing a Jeep

    We are at the Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion in Tennessee. There are crazy jeeps everywhere. There is “wonder woman” (we wonder if she is a woman) , a “Joker” tribute, and every manner of bright colors, hinge colors, sticker, applique, flag, stuffed animal and lord knows the duck inspired ideas...
  19. AndyG

    Tennessee Smoky Mtn. Jeep Invasion 2021

    Once again Chris has appointed @Hog ,@John Cooper and myself to represent the forum at this event. They have gone up as the advance team and to see if I have any warrants in that area, then Saturday I’m violating parole and crossing state lines to go. Right now our plans are to break wind at...
  20. AndyG

    Stopping a construction job

    I realize people get on here and present themselves to be whatever, and also we often aren’t the person we think we are to others- and you really don’t know someone until you have had dealings with them- That said, I am a very aware remodeling contractor- aware of the experience we give...