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  1. NashvilleTJ

    Who likes to fish?

    Grew up on Chesapeake Bay. I do miss the big water.
  2. NashvilleTJ

    Tennessee Red

    No, you be you, brother, you be you. 🙂
  3. NashvilleTJ

    Tennessee Red

    That sucker is the bane of my Jeep existence. Pop’s on about once every six months, and I have to reset it. I’ve never been able to figure out what is triggering it.
  4. NashvilleTJ

    Took my TJ off-road and broke things

    Leaking diff, busted wheel. Only one solution: Tons and fodeez, tons and fodeez…. Welcome to the forum, Dude. Jeff
  5. NashvilleTJ

    Someguys 04

    It’s missing a bolt hole…. 😉
  6. NashvilleTJ

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Holy cow - today that‘s about a hundred grand worth of steel!
  7. NashvilleTJ

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    I certainly agree with cutting the dash piece. I quite often have to pull the dash piece to get at wiring behind it - I’d hate to have to pull the console each time.
  8. NashvilleTJ

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Great choice, Zorb. The texture will keep your smart phone from sliding off…
  9. NashvilleTJ

    What parts do I need to replace my rear disc brakes?

    Clearly Photoshopped.
  10. NashvilleTJ

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    Definitely. Happy to answer any questions. We are a wealth of collective knowledge. By the way, to change the polarity, you hold the MIG gun in the opposite hand. Next question.
  11. NashvilleTJ

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Wait - they come in yellow? 😍
  12. NashvilleTJ

    Need ideas for highline fenders

    Confirmed. I love the thing.
  13. NashvilleTJ

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    Now I remember - that looks very familiar…
  14. NashvilleTJ

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    What are you using for a tranny shifter, Rick? Edit: Oh yeah, and I’d cover the console with Fine Corinthian Gray Leather…but that’s just me. 🙂
  15. NashvilleTJ

    Tennessee Red

    Damn Skippy - You’ve been busy.
  16. NashvilleTJ

    Ultimate Adventure 2021

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…..Ohhhhhhh, Ryan…
  17. NashvilleTJ

    Ultimate Adventure 2021

    Remember the days when we had to buy the DVD’s to see this? Top Truck too…
  18. NashvilleTJ

    Alabama Off road parks north AL

    Sounds like my kind of park...
  19. NashvilleTJ

    Help with Gears and Lockers

    I don't see the pickle here. You are not broken. Your rig runs and drives OK at the moment. You can likely do all of your current offroad plans as it sits. Take some time, save up the money to do it right the first time. Do your gears and lockers / LSD, rear axle solution at the same time...