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  1. astjp2

    Official Pirate 4X4 Thread!

    Flame on about anything you want! No holes barred, no penance given, no mercy! Oh and I am an asshole too! @Chris if this explodes, can we get a sticky?
  2. astjp2

    Blind leading the blind

    The FAA inspectors are just as inexperienced as Boeing... FAA To Start Vetting, Monitoring Boeing Inspectors Russ Niles November 13, 2021 16...
  3. astjp2

    My wife got ducked!

    Kinda neat!
  4. astjp2

    When you have to, lie and deny!

    https://republicandaily.com/2021/10/zuckerberg-responds-to-facebook-whistleblowers-testimony-says-claims-dont-make-sense-2/ Zuckerberg Responds to Facebook Whistleblower’s Testimony, Says Claims ‘Don’t Make Sense’...
  5. astjp2

    WTF? But a Mazada Miata, Triumph, or MG is safe?

    https://www.autoblog.com/2021/10/05/rhode-island-deregistering-jdm-kei-cars/ Rhode Island joins Maine in de-registering JDM cars, and its logic is dubious We finally have some answers, but let's dig deeper into the state's rationale...
  6. astjp2

    Lets tax them college athletes for tuition and endorsements, at 40%!

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nlrb-memo-college-athletes-compensation-nil/ I don't believe they should get a free ride if they want to get paid for endorsements...
  7. astjp2

    Neat way to know if a fuse blows

    Electrical Issues Can Be Alarming! Electrical diagnosis can be frustrating when fuses blow repeatedly and at unusual times. One aid to this problem is to simply know the exact moment the fuse blows, which can assist greatly in chasing down the cause. Unfortunately, it’s impossible...
  8. astjp2

    People can really job hop now

    I think that the people who have these demands really just want to job hop https://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardsegal/2021/09/13/most-workers-want-to-be-paid-automatically-every-day-according-to-new-poll/?sh=87bde15293f2
  9. astjp2

    I aged 30 years in 2 days

    Wednesday morning, I rolled over in bed, side sleeper, pulled my arm out from from under me. Things went pop and crunch in my right hand. I went to work that morning and then the pain started. So I got a walk in clinic appointment thinking I broke it. X-ray showed torn tendons. So that night...
  10. astjp2

    How many safety problems do you see?

    Forklift didn’t run today, there is a 1” thick or piece of plywood holding up that beam with no supports, and the jack stand is sitting on the jack…that beam alone weighs 600#
  11. astjp2

    JL headlights

    So I am wondering if JL headlights would fit a tj and if they would be better than the older factory lights…
  12. astjp2

    The only good JK

  13. astjp2

    I wonder if this laser cleaner actually works?

    Found this and thought it would be cool if it actually worked... https://www.epposo.com/Copy-Metal-Rust-Removal-Oxide-Painting-Coating-Removal-100W-Laser-Cleaning-Machine-p2327601.html?fbclid=IwAR0mdk22hU9owom1iaV1WKkTQA_YyjamB-PpwatqoHfQZoAxJKEHPwp1dig
  14. astjp2

    Anyone recognize this tool?

    I might have to get me one of these
  15. astjp2

    Anyone have these tool box organizers?

    I am trying to make room in my work box, so I was thinking of getting the vertical wrench organizers...
  16. astjp2

    WTB: 32RH shifter

    I am wanting to install a 32RH into my LJ, I need the shfter, boot, cables, kickdown...etc. What do you have? Thanks, TIm
  17. astjp2

    How many ways can this go wrong?

    The press weighs 900# the trailer weighs 225, and the tractor weighs 2475...
  18. astjp2

    Wise word of the day!

    Never ever... waste a good fart!
  19. astjp2

    An example of why you should have a liscense to breed!

  20. astjp2

    How to read a multimeter

    A good overall instruction on the different functions of a multimeter. https://sciencing.com/use-multimeter-beginner-8516583.html