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  1. OldButStillJeeping

    Need advice on what to do about bent axle

    Considering the original posters Post: It might be advisable to just find an axle with the R&P that matches and get a used axle. Bolt it on and tell the kid to go to school in it. These hardened Jeep people upgrade all the time and there's Dana 30s from 97' thru 06' that are laying around in...
  2. OldButStillJeeping

    Which steering kit should I go with?

    If its beef you want. I went with the ZJ rod upgrade which is beefier than the stock TJ. And it cost less than $100. If you play harder than I and don't mind the expense, I've never heard anything bad about Curries kit. Nothing but positive. As seen here in this string. If you're having...
  3. OldButStillJeeping

    Critique my build plan

    Ah, thank you.
  4. OldButStillJeeping

    Critique my build plan

    Who's this Dave you speak of?
  5. OldButStillJeeping

    2005 kinda / sorta build

    Nice Jeep. FWIW.. And a 100 mile daily commute, you'd be better off leaving it alone. Drive it as is and enjoy the mileage you won't get if you start to bolt keep junk to it.
  6. OldButStillJeeping

    GPS Tracking For Your Jeep

    If my asset has moved, it will notify me. Because you can set a GeoFence on each unit. I can then reset the ping interval to 15 minutes. Notify the cops. Track it, find it retrieve it. Cops don't pay much attention to stolen vehicles, is true. Unless they check a plate, or you have...
  7. OldButStillJeeping

    GPS Tracking For Your Jeep

    Well, I didn't need a real time device. Or a 911 real time tracker for loved ones tracking my progress or for rescue or personal blogs. Which for that type of insurance, a device like Spot or Garmins InReach do great. Conversely, I needed a device that will tell me where my assets are, a few...
  8. OldButStillJeeping

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Brilliant! Well done!
  9. OldButStillJeeping

    Spartan Lockers in Carriers

    Local pickup only in Southern California. $200 for both. Too much of a hassle to ship, Just want them gone asap. I pulled these out of my 2005 TJ about 2 years ago. 1> For Dana 44 LP stock (non tracloc) rear axle. About 5,000 miles on the Spartan. Includes, and is inside of, my original 2005...
  10. OldButStillJeeping

    Twopoint's 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

    M100's are good to find! Nice!
  11. OldButStillJeeping

    Sparky's 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    Nice Jeep! Love that you're maintaining the classic look! Well done.
  12. OldButStillJeeping

    Interview with Mr. Blaine on Jeep Talk Show podcast

    Funny you say that. We've pretty much quit most club runs due to the loud music and dipshits with giant lights on their rings at 2 AM. But seriously, may your loss be taken well. God Bless
  13. OldButStillJeeping

    Interview with Mr. Blaine on Jeep Talk Show podcast

    Damn. Sorry to hear it. God Bless.
  14. OldButStillJeeping

    Interview with Mr. Blaine on Jeep Talk Show podcast

    I'll finish this ridiculous banter by saying this. IMO. Mr Blaine know Jeeps. No doubt about that. He is a straight to the point shooter and will tell you like it is. He produces or is in business with those who produce quality jeep parts. You can't go wrong with his products. Although I...
  15. OldButStillJeeping

    Interview with Mr. Blaine on Jeep Talk Show podcast

    Sarcasm doesn't come across in a two dimensional medium as in an online post. With all due respect, there are those with knowledge and experience whom will share that experience and knowledge but it comes at a price if the giver so chooses. That price is condescending and demeaning expression...
  16. OldButStillJeeping

    Interview with Mr. Blaine on Jeep Talk Show podcast

    Not that it matters, but I appreciate your being candid, and frank in this post. You and I are not as dissimilar as one may think. I respect, and am in a way a bit envious, that one could make a living, doing what they love. Loving what they do. I respect your experience and knowledge in...
  17. OldButStillJeeping

    mainegirl’s 2004 Jeep Wrangler Columbia Edition

    Very nice and well done Jeep!
  18. OldButStillJeeping

    GPS Tracking For Your Jeep

    If you're like me, you've put countless hours and spent crazy money on parts for your Jeep. I starting using a GPS tracker in my Jeep, RV, and Polaris RZR. It certainly gives me peace of mind knowing where my junk is. And if you hide it well enuf, the police will be able to recover it within a...
  19. OldButStillJeeping

    Advice from RV owners out there?

    We own a Forest River toyhauler. It's a 2012 which we bought new in 2011. Its the best trailer we've ever had. Aluminum wall frames and fiberglass siding. That being said, RVs are for fix it people. Handyman types. The construction quality will make one chuckle. If you can replace a...