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  1. Vtx531

    What is it supposed to look like in the hole above the front coil springs?

    I started picking and chipping away at it but thinking maybe I should try to know what it looks like when nice and clean to know what I'm doing. Anyone have a photo of this spot?
  2. Vtx531

    Pic of new and old motor mounts - did I need new ones or just waste time and money?

    20 years old and they don't cost much so they have been on my to do list. The bushings dont look cracked or show anything obvious but they are squished down quite a bit compared to the new ones.
  3. Vtx531

    A theory: improper wheel balancing due to temporary flat spotting

    My theory is that you are unlikely to get a proper balance at a typical tire store for in-service tires because the tires temporarily flat spot while the vehicle is parked waiting for service. Tell me if this sound familiar: You go offroad, maybe air down, and end up with tire vibrations on...
  4. Vtx531

    Going to have to pull the rear axle and weld in new part of upper control arm bracket

    For some reason my axle that I swapped in a long time ago (at least a decade ago) came with slotted rear upper control arm brackets. One side is perfectly fine but the other side is wallowed out in the up and down direction so bad that it isn't making a good strong connection on the bushing...
  5. Vtx531

    Thread stripping problem with 10.9 metric bolts from Lowes

    I've had two 10mm nuts/bolts strip out at 40ft-lbs on me. I've had one 8mm bolt snap off at 20 ft-lbs. Getting frustrated. Not sure what to do. Menards and TSC have 10.9 bolts but they are black oxide so no good for corrosion/outdoors. Does anyone have good experiences with online? Bolt Depot...
  6. Vtx531

    Rear upper shock bolts rant

    Long story short, I have two rear shock bolts that are original 8mm size and two that are 3/8". I went to install my new shocks today. With a brand new 8mm 10.9 bolt, it snapped right off when torquing it down. I used antiseize and the associated lower torque spec for that according to a...
  7. Vtx531

    Why are there different torque spec for axle side vs frame side lower control arm bolts?

    I think they are both 14mm bolts. My manual says 85 ft-lb on the axle side and 130 ft-lb on the frame side. That is a pretty big difference! What gives?? I thought the general idea with a bolted connection is to use the recommended torque setting for the specific bolt diameter and grade to...
  8. Vtx531

    Lowering my TJ

    I'm trying to get rid of some rake and improve driveline angles. I ordered some aftermarket stock replacement springs (AC Delco). Can you tell which ones are for hardtop vs softtop??? I no longer have a hard top. Less than an inch difference but I'm glad to finally "fix" this. Installing next week.
  9. Vtx531

    I took a needle scaler to the engine block

    While I had my alternator and belt tensioner out... The engine block had some nasty, seriously flaking paint. Needle scaler did a good job. I sprayed it with rusty metal primer rustoleum and it will get flat black on top. We'll see how it holds up but the good thing about a rusty Jeep is that...
  10. Vtx531

    Anything wrong with painting bare aluminum (engine) parts? Experiences?

    I've been on a spray painting binge today. I had a new belt tensioner shipped to me. It comes in bare aluminum. I don't see any reason why other than cost savings? My old tensioner was pretty corroded (can see it in background of the photo). I painted the new one and the alternator bracket with...
  11. Vtx531

    Small project of the day (painting my shocks)

    Nothing crazy or exciting- I got some new ones for free. (Thank you lifetime warranty) They are Monroe OESpectrum. The factory paint job looked pretty bad. Thin and missed spots. The old ones got rusty in places due to poor paint job. Plus I want everything under my Jeep to be flat black. So...
  12. Vtx531

    Any tips for removing the front radiator body mount bolt?

    Is there any way to access the threaded portion to spray with oil or heat with a torch?
  13. Vtx531

    Body mount bolt torque specs seem too high—anyone else have that experience?

    I’m not one to disagree with the real actual engineers but the stock specs seem way too tight just going by feel. First off - I put antiseize all over the bolts. I reduced the 50 ft-lb bolts by 25% to account for the antisieze. That came out to 37.5 ft-lb...kept cranking down until I felt...
  14. Vtx531

    Anybody have any luck with naval jelly / phosphoric acid? Me: not so much.

    I used a needle scaler to clean up my abs tray / fender bracket. I spread on Locktite Naval Jelly. Let it sit 10 mins. Rinsed it off. It looks like it worked well on some spots and didn’t do anything on other spots. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I need to wire wheel it too but I was trying...
  15. Vtx531

    Tried to remove bolts for transfer case shift bracket but one is just spinning. What’s going on under there?

    While putting in new floor pans today, I tried to unbolt the shifter bracket that is attached to the transmission tunnel - four bolts. One of them is just spinning and I can feel some sort of rubber spinning around. Did I break off a weld nut or a speed nut? Anyone got and pics of what is going...
  16. Vtx531

    Would there be any reason not to get V8 ZJ tie rod instead of TJ version?

    Maybe weight or frequency for vibrations or anything else? I‘m in need of replacement and the ZJ swap is actually about $10 cheaper too but just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything here.
  17. Vtx531

    Getting started on my floor pans and torque boxes

    So it begins… I ordered four floor pans and two full torque boxes today. Officially got started by removing all the carpet and center console. Pics are pretty much before I started and not even close to the worst of it. I‘m currently trying to remove the Herculiner that I sprayed on 15 years...
  18. Vtx531

    Getting the frame sandblasted—how far to take the disassembly?

    Looking have some sandblasting done on my frame. It is rusty and has rot-through in various places (bad near the rear lower control arm mounts because it was parked on a steep driveway outside) Originally I had plans in my head to do a frame-off restoration but I have lowered my expectations to...
  19. Vtx531

    New (to me) HF sandblaster

    I picked up a 110# blast pot on FB marketplace for $25 - Just tried it out on some Mopar side step brackets. What do you guys think? I’m pretty happy with it since I never used a sand blaster before and I have lots of rusty crap to deal with for my Jeep.
  20. Vtx531

    Measurements and spacing for “WRANGLER” and “Sport” cowl decals?

    I bought some new decals on ebay to replace the ones that I removed a long time ago. Does anyone have a photo from Chrysler or anywhere online that shows the measurements of where exactly to place them? Like how many mm or inches above or below the body seam? or if not, maybe someone could...