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  1. Therbytj

    Savvy Transfer Case Shifter Cable Differences

    Not here to hijack the thread. Being in Canada its hard to get parts shipped here etc. Anyone ever use the B&M cable shifter for transfercase? They have a specific one for each 231/241 B&M Racing 81186: 03-06 Tj Thanks
  2. Therbytj

    Daily Driver, Go Where I Want To Build

    Sir, this is a nice jeep Do you still like your MCE fenders? Im leaning towards them, light and gives most room while retaining stock inner and cheapish What wheels are those!?
  3. Therbytj

    Arizona Rock Crawling Daily Driver

    I tried to read this to understand it all, but im not on that level. My question for everyone, i have 4” currie lift Is lowering/drilling the UCA frame mount hole worth it? From what I read it lowers the angle of the arm, Nth stuff use to do this front and rear. Do you recommend it without...
  4. Therbytj

    Best M/T tires for a rock crawler in 2021

    Had anybody run the mickey baja pro XS tire? Im thinking about going to it next year in the 35” they make Jeep is just a trail rig but i do drive it to and back from the trail. They’re a soft tire but I dont put many kms on the jeep these days, My thoughts are the compromise of road...
  5. Therbytj

    Best M/T tires for a rock crawler in 2021

    Oh, I wouldnt recommend them for street unless you can buy tires every 6 months OP talked about bfg krawlers thats all
  6. Therbytj

    Best M/T tires for a rock crawler in 2021

    Im running 35” mickey baja boss and like them, id run another set. you said the BFGs look into the 37x12.5R17 Baja Boss X its there stickey mickey and fairly cheap compared to the other “competition” sticky tires out there
  7. Therbytj

    Mid-arm LJ Rubicon

    are these just the standard fox 2.0 resi for TJ? Not tuned or anything? how do they work with the currie springs? LJ looks good, super clean
  8. Therbytj

    TherbyTJ build

    Updated photos as it sits
  9. Therbytj

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    1” angle iron bolted to the FRS seat. Take apart the stock seat down to the last cross piece on the frame rail/slider tac in place, remove it, weld it, paint it. Bolt stock tj buckle onto existing frs mount, rebolt in, done it takes a little time but once you get everything lined up its easy...
  10. Therbytj

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I saw someone else had done this so i tried also, FRS seat in the TJ. Works well and is a nice comfy seat
  11. Therbytj

    JK-JL Now TJ

    Added this today scion FRS seat into the TJ, its so nice, holds onto you like a nice bucket seat
  12. Therbytj

    JK-JL Now TJ

    thanks, just a chopped up warn bumper to make it a stubby
  13. Therbytj

    What is the correct backspacing for 35x12.5x15 tires and Bushwacker flat flares?

    Jerry, could you help me running 4” currie lift with 5000x shocks. 35x12.5R15 baja bosses 15x8 procomps with 3.75 backspace Im rubbing the inner wheel at flex on the anti rock arm at the front, thinking to add a washer or two to the steering stop(I would like to get 3.25 backspace wheel but $$)
  14. Therbytj

    JK-JL Now TJ

    They’re great, no complaints other than being a bit heavy for a 35 actually yes but i think it was the shop. They mounted them and gave me the “good enough for a big tire” it was not good. Got them road forced balanced and it now drives better at 100kmh down the road than my JL did
  15. Therbytj

    JK-JL Now TJ

    Never take on photos of it though
  16. Therbytj

    JK-JL Now TJ

    Got some of the build going New procomp wheels, 35” baja boss tires Did a warn bumper/tire carrier but im changing that out TMR truss and artec gussets will balljoints 4.88 yukon gears got a good deal on a Warn m8000 winch so thats on now
  17. Therbytj

    Stevemack's 2002 Jeep Wrangler

    Is this thing still alive? Anymore photos? this is the inspiration for my build
  18. Therbytj

    2005 TJ Flywheel Replacement

    What were your symptoms before replacing? I just regeared my jeep to 4.88 and put 35s on my throttle sensor and map sensor went, i replaced those. Now in first gear the jeep almost hesitates to start in first. If i give it lots of gas its fine, but if i just let the gas out at idle rpm, it goes...
  19. Therbytj

    Shock Comparison: Rancho RS5000X vs Skyjacker Black Max vs KYB Monotube

    Replaced my old bilstein 5100s with the ranchos. between the shocks and adding an extra 80 pounds for the warn tire carrier the jeep rides much better now, I didn’t believe it would be such a noticeable difference but well worth it. Im happy with my 5” uptravel in the front. the rear is a...
  20. Therbytj

    Shock Comparison: Rancho RS5000X vs Skyjacker Black Max vs KYB Monotube

    This is just a bandaid for the time being, I’ll be up there soon enough. im still gathering ideas 5” stretch Fox 2.0 resis tuned (outboard rear) fox hydro bumps should be good enough for some go fast stuff while still crawling