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  1. TJ Bosco

    Headlights won't dim

    I have a problem I didn’t find in searching: I have a 2002 TJ Sport and my dim headlights don’t work. The high beams work and stay on when I click to dim beams. I did add LED headlights about four months ago and everything was working OK until recently. I have checked out all the fuses and...
  2. TJ Bosco

    Differential Problem

    I have a 2002 TJ that I use about 90% of the time on the highway but take it through some rough stuff when off-road where occasionally I do have to use my winch. I recently had a failed seal and a leak from the rear end Dana 44 differential. While installing the pinion seal, I found a small...
  3. TJ Bosco

    Enchanted Desert

    Spent a great, long day in the desert south of Jemez Springs NM with the group.
  4. TJ Bosco

    Red River, NM

    We had a great day going to Goose Lake near Red River NM. It looks like the season is just about over in this area with snow on the way.
  5. TJ Bosco

    New from New Mexico

    I am new to the forum and am enjoying it. Here is the TJ I bring: 2002 Sport, 4.0 engine, 5 speed man, Two inch lift , 33 inch tires; 4:11 Yukon gears with a Spartian LSD in the front and a Dana 44 Dura Grip in the back. Alpine Stereo and a Smart Chip.