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  1. PRNDL

    New Tom Wood driveshaft question

    My driveshaft arrived from Tom Woods on Friday. I got around to unboxing it and as soon as I had it out of the plastic wrap, one of the bearing caps popped off. No big deal just pop it back on, but when I picked it up, I see a free roller in the cap. Odd... there aren't any obvious gaps in...
  2. PRNDL

    Mountain Off-road 22% off Today Only

    No code needed, discount applied at checkout.
  3. PRNDL

    2006 LJR 76k miles, North Texas
  4. PRNDL

    Factory Decal Color?

    2004 Electric Lime Green Rubicon My decals are not black, they are a dark gray. Is this a factory decal color? If so, what other paint colors were matched with this dark gray from the factory? Does anyone have experience matching this color with something from pixeldecals? My closest guess is...
  5. PRNDL

    SOLD Streetrays 1" Seat Risers

    [SR] CNC Machined Front Seat 1" Risers Lift Spacer FOR Jeep Wrangler 97-06 BLACK I mistakenly bought two sets of these thinking you needed one for each front seat. The package includes 1" risers, nuts and bolts and is unopened. $20 shipped USPS Priority.
  6. PRNDL

    WTB: OEM Control Arms and Rear Trackbar for 04

    Looking for OEM control arms in decent shape for an 04. Also interested in a factory rear trackbar. Hoping to find one around north Dallas since shipping might be prohibitive.
  7. PRNDL

    PRNDL's TJ Build II: The Green One

    My wife and I brought home a 2004 Electric Lime Green Rubicon this week. This is my third Wrangler and second TJ. Quick backstory: My first vehicle at 16 years old was a '92 YJ. 4 cyl, 5 speed, no lift and 31"s that rubbed everywhere. I was lucky to see 65 mph on the highway, downhill with a...