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    A Cherokee named Elizabeth Warren?

    I'm not the political type at all, but this was too funny to pass up!
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    With chromoly axles, does the weak point then become the ring and pinion?

    If you upgrade to chromoly or alloy axle shafts does that mean the next most likely thing to blow on the trail will be the ring and pinion? If so that seems a little concerning, as a broken axle would be much easier to fix than blown gears.
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    Steal on Rancho Shocks!

    Not surprising. A lot of the Amazon sellers are pricing them under $200, and then you don't get the rebate. @Chris and myself got ones from the right Amazon seller.
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    Steal on Rancho Shocks!

    Got the same ones on Amazon too. That seller has them priced just right above $200, whereas most of the other sellers have them for $199. This is nice because in order to qualify for the rebate, the order has to be $200 or more. Took about 8 weeks to get my rebate, as expected.
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    High travel, high clearance & high octane, a streetable adventure LJ story

    If I didn't know better I'd say you've got a giant size version of Jenga going on there!
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    Saw a new JL Rubicon today

    The only fool is the one who would pay 50k for a car. Unless he lives in his car, then he must have more money than brains. Just sayin...
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    Front TJ Rubicon Dana 44 axle won't unlock

    Try pulling the fill plug. If the plug is installed too tight it can bind the locker actuator ring. There are actually torque specs on the fill plug. The Rubicon has a magnetic plug and the placement is directly over the locked rear locker. If it's in too far the actuator ring will gouge the...
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    Is it possible to fit JK 2.5" rough country shocks on TJ 2006

    The only place Rough Country shocks belong is in the garbage :risas3:
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    31" tires with 2-3" lifts?

    Do you guys feel limited at all by having only 31 inch tires? My thing is that I don't really do rock crawling. I like to explorer, go offroad and do that sort of thing, but I'm not smashing my Jeeps into rocks or trying to traverse massive obstacles. @bobthetj03, it looks like even on 31 inch...
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    31" tires with 2-3" lifts?

    Let's see photos of anyones TJ with 31" tires and 2" to 3" lifts. I'm considering going this route as I don't want anything too extreme. Just concerned it won't look "aggressive" enough.
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    Someone put this TJ out of it's misery!

    There's a nice TJ under there somewhere, and not all of the mods are bad. However, what I will say is that to me, this is what "overdone" looks like. Way to much going on there to be tasteful in my opinion.
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    Ford 8.8 Axle Swap

    The factory Dana 35 rear axle found in most TJ Wranglers is a little on the light side, and if you run larger-than-stock tires, you’re likely looking at an eventual failure. If you want to turn really big tires, wheel abusively, or push gobs of power into your rear axle, you’ll probably want to...
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    Jeep Wrangler TJ Death Wobble Diagnosis & Fixes

    Found this article on Extreme Terrain's website and just wanted to share it with my fellow TJ owners. Hopefully it helps someone in the future! What is Death Wobble? Death wobble is a rapid oscillation from side to side in your steering components and results in your steering wheel moving very...
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    Sheriff's Office calls man 'snowflake' on social media post

    How funny!
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    What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?

    No one is taking my 20+ round magazines, regardless of whether there is a law prohibiting them or not. Like people have said above, come and get them.
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    Need part number for pinion yoke

    The Rubicon 1330 u-joint has the same size end caps as the 1310. Only the X is bigger. Therefore the yoke is same size as on Dana 35. Any drive line shop should be able to get it, it's just a standard Dana 44 1330 yoke.
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    Overheating at speeds above 100km

    Lower radiator hose is under a suction. A hot hose become pliable and can collapse. You need the spring.
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    Air conditioning stuck on defrost

    Defrost is the default setting for a vacuum leak in the system. If you can not find any leaks / lines popped off, then I'd look at the blend door then. First check here for any loose or disconnected vacuum lines: Then check here (inside bottom back side of passenger fender): The...
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    Disable Speed Warning Chime

    Do you happen to have your headlights on at the time the chime starts? For some reason my 06 Rubi starts to chime after a few minutes when I turn on the headlights. If I turn them off, the chiming stops. This goes on for a few cycles and then finally stops.