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  1. Rescue6

    Best order for installing new Armor for best fitment between the Sliders/Corners?

    So as I’ve said in other posts I’m switching from steel to Aluminum armor and it’s the new generation of armor so the hose unfortunately are not aligned from old to new. The new Sliders and rear corners are supposed to fit nicely together behind the door. Is it best to try and mount them up all...
  2. Rescue6

    Proper hole cutting for mounting body armor nutserts

    I know I read a post a while back discussing ways to drill / cut holes in the tub sheet metal using I believe it was a spot weld cutter or something similar. It was used instead of a drill bit to get better holes for installing all the nutserts etc. Anyone know what I’m thinking of. Or do you...
  3. Rescue6

    Warn Zeon 10-S platinum remote is a royal pain

    So I got a killer deal on what I thought was going to be a great new winch upgrade from my old and well used warn xd9000i. It was a new winch from the shop display. Remote and winch line etc all still in the box. Body had just been bolted on a stand for a year. Turns out I can’t stand this dang...
  4. Rescue6

    Hood pins for highline hood

    I’m trying to decide between a couple types of hood pin styles I’ve seen used. Any advice from those of you who have done the highline hood set up already. I have seen the Daystar type and the push button style. Is there any other style I should consider or pro’s or cons to these two styles? Thanks
  5. Rescue6

    JL fenders on a Tj

    Saw this picture on FB. The fenders don’t look bad at all. Different but I kinda like it. I’d like to see it completed.
  6. Rescue6

    Question about Genright Flak Jacket tub armor install

    So I’ll call them but just curious if anybody knows the answer or has installed these has some insight. I noticed the new version of these no longer has the cut out for the Jeep logo that sticks out on the tub. So does that mean that you have to dent that in for these to sit flush or is that...
  7. Rescue6

    Finally got the new ARB installed in the rear axle. Had to build a case spreader.

    Long story. So I broke my Eaton E-locker. Parts are backordered. So I bought an ARB thinking that would save time. And even though this took awhile the parts for the Eaton still haven’t shipped. But I kept having the shims for the arb crush when trying to set preload on the locker since I...
  8. Rescue6

    Help me decide between the raw aluminum armor or body color match

    So as some of you know I’m replacing all my steel armor and fenders with new Genright aluminum stuff. I’ve got aluminum highline fenders, rear corners and rear fenders all in aluminum, and an aluminum tailgate. Trying to decide if I want to leave them raw aluminum or to paint it all body color...
  9. Rescue6

    Mountain of new parts in the barn but my body isn’t allowing me to install them

    Turns out it’s hard work building and keeping up with the Jeeps when you are doing it alone and handicapped. Didn’t ever used to think anything about working on the Jeep or any other vehicle at that matter. But I can’t do what I used to by myself Or at all in some cases. After six spinal...
  10. Rescue6

    Fuel injector plug replacement parts?

    Looking to replace the pugs for my fuel injectors as most of the clips have become brittle and broken. I currently have them zip tied on. It works but I want it fixed right. Anyway anyone know the part number or correct style plugs. I ordered some off of Of Amazon that showed they were correct...
  11. Rescue6

    Chinamans gulch

    Had a fun couple days out in Buena Vista, Colorado with some friends. Ran the trail 2.5 times total as Saturday I had to make a trip to Leadville for parts to fix one of the rigs on the trip that broke early in the day. Then take the parts up the trail to them and back out again.
  12. Rescue6

    Pictures from this weekend at Chinamans Gulch

    Had a fun couple days out in Buena Vista, Colorado with some friends. Ran the trail 2.5 times total as Saturday I had to make a trip to Leadville for parts to fix one of the rigs on the trip that broke early in the day. Then take the parts up the trail to them and back out again.
  13. Rescue6

    Any tips for installing Genright Highlines?

    Looking for any tips on installing Genright Highline fenders with the Genright inner fenders and battery relocation brackets. I just ordered them and I know they can be a bit of a bear to install. I just want to be prepared with any tips or tricks. Or if you know a good windshield washer bottle...
  14. Rescue6

    One step closer to installing my big axles

    I’m one step closer to getting everything ready for my big axle swap. Just got off the phone with Genright and my pockets are a lot lighter but the Jeep will be a lot lighter also. I’ve had my Gen 1 Genright steel tube fenders, Steel stretch rear Armor and tube fenders along with the rear 4...
  15. Rescue6

    Anyone know where I can find door lock / latch rods for inside door

    I have a set of factory half doors that I got for my sons Jeep. They are missing the door locks and the short rods that connect from the lock cylinder. Anyone know where to find replacement door rods. I have found the locks all over but nowhere I’ve looked so far has offered the rods themselves...
  16. Rescue6

    Looking for new or rebuilt throttle body (chasing vacuum leak)

    I’m in need of a new or a rebuilt throttle body. Anyone have a good source. Ive been chasing a damn vacuum leak and finally said screw it and have just replaced everything I could think of. And it’s gotten better but still not fixed to my liking. It is sporadic, some days it will idle fine...
  17. Rescue6

    CrawlTek Highline fenders with smaller than 40” tires

    Has anyone seen the CrawlTek highline fenders on a Tj/Lj with less than 40” tires. I’m curious how they look with 35”-37” tires as I’m interested in them but can’t seem to locate pictures of them on anything under 40”s. Thanks
  18. Rescue6

    Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for a replacement exhaust manifold for a 1999. Just wondering if there are any that people have had good fb luck with. They seem to range from about $60-$275 for the stock type replacement with the flex joints added. Anyone used one that’s held up without cracking. This will be my fourth...
  19. Rescue6

    Shopping for hi-line fenders any pros or cons to the different brands?

    I am beginning my search for highline front fenders. I’ll hand down my current tube fenders to my son for his Jeep we are starting to build. I would prefer to get Aluminum fenders and inner fenders even though I will be painting them to match the Jeep. Currently I’m using a 4” flair version of...
  20. Rescue6

    Has anyone used SWAG Bertha raised body mounts?

    Anyone used the SWAG offroad Bertha raised body mounts. I’m going to replace the body mounts on the TJ as I’ve pretty much beat mine up enough at this point.