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  1. Bigmac

    I might be going insane

    I'd like a few odds and ends, some backup parts. some things I dont need but would be less dented or scratched. I would like a set of half doors, I really could use a new windshield frame, the hood could be less dented, who doesn't like to have some extra factory fog light switches. Any engine...
  2. Bigmac

    Where is this 32RH transmission leak coming from?

    Skid plate was covered and it had started to drip to the floor. Only happens when driving or on certain angles as far as I can tell. Cleaned it up and had cardboard under it for a few days while replacing an axle seal and have seen nothing. Started taking it up and down the road a couple of...
  3. Bigmac

    2000 TJ rear main seal

    Has anyone replaced the RMS specifically on a 2000? I've seen some conflicting info on the style of RMS used and mention of a mid year model change. Am I going to need the early model seal with the legs or the later year without? Factory service manual for 2000 shows the legs on the RMS but no...
  4. Bigmac

    Oklahoma Oklahoma members

    @Chris I'm not sure but I think there's somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 total site members in Oklahoma... could you drop their user names in here? I've already reached out to @freedom_in_4low Big change coming from Socal / Johnson Valley area to this desolate and lonely offroading...
  5. Bigmac

    California Rubicon Trail this June

    During our next PCS move from 29palms to Fort Sill, OK we're planning on stopping in the Lake Tahoe area so I can wheel the Rubicon Trail. Would anyone be interested in joining me sometime early June? Im reading 33s, a locker, and skid plates as highly recommended minimum equipment.
  6. Bigmac

    California Johnson Valley saturday anyone?

    Well my wife is taking my kids to 2 separate birthday parties on Saturday. Good excuse for me to get another wheeling trip in. Thinking about heading out to Johnson Valley and running Sunbonnet or something similar. 33s or under need not apply, open diffs need not apply. I know its late...
  7. Bigmac

    California 3/20 Odessa Doran Loop

    Continued from the "socal Jeepers who like to go offroading" thread. Just want to get everyone who plans on attending on one dedicated thread so i can stop hijacking the other one. Run will go Saturday March 20th. Looking at an early showtime around 0800 but i know some folks are coming from...
  8. Bigmac

    Oklahoma Any good wheeling spots near Fort Sill, Oklahoma?

    So I got my orders today. Checking in to Fort Sill sometime in June. Told one of the Gunny's I wheel with there wasn't any decent wheeling within 5 hours ( he was stationed there prior to 29palms). He said there's a few decent places (not powerlines or redneck mud holes) within 3 hours but i...
  9. Bigmac

    Mopar NGK vs NGK plugs

    Needed to replace my plugs as they are long overdue and was troubleshooting other ignition issues. Was on a time crunch so after ordering Mopar plugs from dealer (with a wait to get them) I also ordered NGK from Rock Auto in case the dealer plugs didnt show up in time. Ended up getting them the...
  10. Bigmac

    FCA—shame, shame, shame!
  11. Bigmac

    What is going on with my radiator overflow bottle?

    what the hell is going on here exactly? Near as I can tell there's no rough spots where it used to be attached on the inside of the neck. Now whatever it is is just rattling around inside. I can hear it when I come to a full stop bumping around in the fluid.
  12. Bigmac

    Rear end squeak, possibly axle bearing

    I've got a squeak or chirp going in what sounds like the rear of the jeep. I was convinced it was the centering ball so I replaced it. stupidly did not do the U joints at the same time so after the noise persisted i replaced all my u joints with replacement TW gold standard joints. with a...
  13. Bigmac

    The post-build thread

    Been reading the build threads lately and I've been asking myself "why didn't I do one of these?". Well I still have most of the photos so I'll attempt to get from start point to present day. I've rebuilt a Rubi Tcase, an ax15, built most of the current jeep from scratch ( and my old jeep )...
  14. Bigmac

    Virginia Probably moving back to VA

    Im up for orders again this summer, no idea where im going yet. went from camp pendleton for 3 years to quantico for a year, back to 29 palms for 2 years and quantico again looks likely next. The best thing about the west coast is all the BLM land. I have grown to love desert wheeling, anza...
  15. Bigmac

    SOLD (5) 35X12.50R15 Goodyear Wrangler MTR Tires

    set of 5 Goodyear Wrangler MTR/K 35/12.50/R15 around 65% tread. Load range C. no wheels just tires. no patches or plugs. got a heck of a deal on a new set, that's the only reason i took them off. probably got 12k miles on them. rotated every 3k miles. even wear on all 5. sale is for set of 5...
  16. Bigmac

    Warn in-cab control switch is a letdown

    Been thinking about an in-cab winch control for a while, was pretty optimistic when I found out Warn made an in cab control switch that was nice and precut with connectors, all spliced nicely into a plug that replaced the one on the side of my winch. After receiving it, I'm wondering why its...
  17. Bigmac

    Will a fuse limit current before blowing?

    have a set of LED pods 40W each. been running them with no issues for quite a while. each pod came with its own harness and switch however i used a Y adapter to attach both to the same harness and switch. today i flipped them on and no worky worky. checked fuse, sure enough it was blown but it...
  18. Bigmac

    Is it possible to upgrade the A/C?

    The A/C in my Jeep works fine. Most places... But here in 29 palms the temperature is in the 108 or one hundred and teens on a daily basis and summer just got started. I don't believe anyone makes a kit for it, but theoretically would it be possible to modify the system in some way to make it...
  19. Bigmac

    Monarch pass snowstorm

    On my way cross country. Had to stop to see Ouray CO. Coming across Monarch Pass today at 11k feet a surprise snowstorm blew in and had Semis and travel trailers all over the damn place 300 yards from the top on both sides, was stuck for about an hour while it all got sorted out. Almost had to...