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  1. bobthetj03

    "Pacing myself" build

    Right axle ujoint has some slop to it, so I'll start there before diving head first into the hub kit rabbit hole.
  2. bobthetj03

    "Pacing myself" build

    Been putting it off, but finally hung the front drive shaft at lunch today and went for a spin. Guess what? No vibes up to 80 mph, cause I didn't want to go any faster than that. So now I start over. Front DS might have 10k on it. I did the front axle ujoints when I installed the BBK a few years...
  3. bobthetj03

    “Thought it was done” build / blog

    That, or a baseball bat. Just be sure to keep a ball and glove with it to complete the excuse.
  4. bobthetj03

    “Thought it was done” build / blog

    4 D cell Mag light will keep you legal and get the job done.
  5. bobthetj03

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Holding my opinions for your 70+ mph drive, with the hard top.
  6. bobthetj03

    “Thought it was done” build / blog

    There is a special Hell these thieving bastards need to go to!
  7. bobthetj03

    New GMRS radio

    Read some of the threads on about the Midlands. The receivers on them are less than stellar. For the price they are asking for them, there are much better options out there. I had Wouxun's KG-XS20G in my jeep for a spell. It worked well, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to...
  8. bobthetj03

    Bilstein 5100s ride rough

    If Ranchos are mushy, pick a stiffer spring.
  9. bobthetj03

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    Snow Mt. trailhead is a great hike with the summit as your reward. Tune to the Konocti repeater for comms on 2M.
  10. bobthetj03

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    How many times have you thought you needed to air down to 6 psi to make an obstacle?
  11. bobthetj03

    05 Flame Red TJ Build

    You're overthinking it. Typical teacher, lol!
  12. bobthetj03

    What are the real variables that control and influence ride quality?

    I have nothing intelligent to contribute, other than Swayloc FTW. Living in a fish bowl forces one to appreciate a well handling rig.
  13. bobthetj03

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Dang! Well, glad it didn't do further damage. This is what my rear outer pinion bearing looked like, and only after 5K miles from the re-gear. Luckily for me, it gave me a warning by making a lovely howling noise.
  14. bobthetj03

    What comms to get?

    The MXT275 has 2 speakers, one on the base unit, and one in the mic.
  15. bobthetj03

    Help Choosing a Ham Radio

    This guy mostly talks about HT's, but I like his style.
  16. bobthetj03

    What 12V air compressor do you carry in your TJ?

    ARB single mounted to the ABS tray.
  17. bobthetj03

    Help Choosing a Ham Radio

    IMO, it's about having options. Why limit yourself to only one form of comms. I've spent way too much coin on radios and radio accessories, but find myself always looking at more stuff, lol! I spent $200 on a GMRS only mobile for the jeep, then decided I wanted my Ham license, so did that, and...
  18. bobthetj03

    California Dusy Ershim Run 2022

    I know about enough to get myself in trouble. This unit is fairly simple and a good starter rig. I also like the removable face plate option. For less coin, this one has a small chassis. It is also unlocked right out of the box, so no Mars mod...
  19. bobthetj03

    Sold's 2006 LJ Build

    Hella E code housings. Phillips Extreme Vision +100 bulbs. And this,