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  1. Akitadog

    Front mount mirrors with doors off

    i run these all the time. Doors on doors off. mirrors
  2. Akitadog

    TJ hardtop bolt attachment upgrade

    This is what I have. Jeep hard top bolts
  3. Akitadog

    Who has had Covid-19?

    I've been fortunate and have not had it. My wife and Son both have had it. Also dodge it again when everyone in my office came down with at the same time and had close up for couple weeks.
  4. Akitadog

    Shocks. The good the bad and the ugly.

    I have the Pro Runners ( Monotube tube ) with 4" lift and I'm very happy with them. The shocks that came on the Jeep when I bought it was extremely stiff... Not sure what brand they were, they were plain white. Coming off a speed bump they had no give, now the Pro Runners are softer when coming...
  5. Akitadog

    Flywheel Resurfacing?

    Mine was flat. Had to resurface so as to not void CenterForce warranty. If yours has the convexed surface I would just hit it with some sandpaper and call it good.
  6. Akitadog

    Tool "The Pot" Best Song Ever

    Damn! my "Salival" Cd has gone up in price! There getting upwards $150 or more for them.... I bought mine when they first came out, for a lot lot lot
  7. Akitadog

    Tool "The Pot" Best Song Ever

    I got hooked on Tool when they did the "No Quarter" cover....
  8. Akitadog

    Drive shaft angled too much?

    My pinion and DL are about a degree off, but lines up when passenger and I are in the Jeep.
  9. Akitadog

    Throttle hand control options (Should I just by the one on Amazon?)

    My hand throttle is a bike gear shifter mounted on the shift lever. The parts at the TB was salvaged from I think was a XJ, it's been so long... The one part fit right next to the throttle cable and cable slides through the ball connector with a cable stop from the hobby shop. They are used with...
  10. Akitadog

    Wheel Painting

    A deck of playing cards will work too around the edge of rim between wheel and tire to keep paint off the tire.
  11. Akitadog

    GMRS Radio

    I just renewed my Ham license, cost $0....
  12. Akitadog

    Tweeter Recommendations?

    I run a pair of Alpine SPR-10TW 1" tweeters in an aluminum pod I picked up off ebay. Mounted to the side sail panels in the lower corners of the windshield.
  13. Akitadog

    California New minimum tire size for Jeep Jamboree is 37

    Maybe need to start a nostalgic class of Jamboree, say 41 through to 2006 only!
  14. Akitadog

    Fan Relay Socket Melting

    The connector is not making good contact with the relay pins. I would clean with fine sandpaper and squeeze the connectors for tighter fit. Had a similar issue with an electric fan in my 4 Runner.
  15. Akitadog

    Upgrading the sound system on your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I set gains based on the voltage method. I then will make minute adjustments during music play. set gain by voltage
  16. Akitadog

    Speaker question

    I record the most mp3's at a 320 BR, which is still better than the streaming services out there. Fortunately I could plug in a portable CD player or Blu-ray if need be.
  17. Akitadog

    Speaker question

    CD's..LOL Mine are safely stored at home in their vault. Now days I load them on my computer and place a copy of the music library on a USB drive.. Good times!
  18. Akitadog

    Is "12VoltGuy" outta business?

    Well special ohmage should be given for the work he's done over the years.
  19. Akitadog

    Is "12VoltGuy" outta business?

    Watts wrong with a little humor...