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  1. AMS417

    Sundowner (owned by a friend of mine)

    Hey @toximus Anybody need a bad ass hauler?
  2. AMS417

    SOLD Jeep LJ Hard Top - Needs some repairs $1000

    Thinking of selling my hard top. Its sitting in a barn near Stockton Missouri waiting on me to find time to repair it. I have no plans to put it back on the Jeep at this point due to risk of more trail damage. $1000 - pick up only. I have mounting hardware and can help install. Should be a...
  3. AMS417

    Savvy TJ body lift doesn't include urethane bumpers

    Folks, Ordered and received my Savvy 1.25" body lift for my coming build. Open to inspect it and found the did not include the new urethane bumpers for the grill support. From their website: Read bullet point #3 Description ATTN: California Customers: Prop 65 Savvy Off Road Aluminum Body...
  4. AMS417

    SOLD Rubicon locker pumps, sensor switches, harness, etc...

    All items sold!
  5. AMS417

    What can you see that went wrong in this video (trail accident)

    Ran into @hear and his group on the trails this weekend at the bottom of a pretty deep valley. Literally moments later we heard something crashing through the trees above us on the hillside. The video is from the passengers perspective who was out of the vehicle spotting. How many things can...
  6. AMS417

    LJR long term "rebuild"

    Long term build thread on my 2005 LJR. Currently on Dana 44's with 37" BFG Krawlers. Finding myself wanting to run tougher trails than the 44's and 37's can swing. This Jeep is 99% trail driven but will still be fine for a drive around town. No more highway runs if I go with sticky tires though...
  7. AMS417

    Feedback, take off parts value. Rubicon Dana 44's / lift kit / BBK / steering

    Folks, Looking for feedback on what should ask or could expect out of my take off parts when going to one ton axles on the LJ. Not real in tune with used parts values right now. Might be a while as I collect parts and prepare for the swap. Plan to complete it over winter and be ready to go in...
  8. AMS417

    Rear Dana 44 35 spline question.

    Who’s my Dana 44 guru here? 2006 LJ Dana 44 rear axle. 37” tires. I broke a rear chromoly 30 spline shaft this weekend. I want to upgrade to a 35 spline spool and 35 spline axles in the rear. I have 4.88 thick cut gears and they are still in great shape. What carrier break would I need to run...
  9. AMS417

    SOLD Rear bumper with tire carrier and high lift jack mount

    Hey Forum Members! Removing my tire carrier bumper and installing a low profile light weight bumper and spare tire delete. I leave my spare on the trailer while on the trails, so no need for a swing out for me. The bumper for sale includes a swing out tire carrier that is adjustable to fit...
  10. AMS417

    Thinking of selling my LJ hard top

    Now that my Jeep is 99% trail rig, I am putting on a fast back top and thinking of selling my hardtop. It has one crack and some previous small repairs. What do you think its worth? I know these tops are hard to find.
  11. AMS417

    SOLD Maxxis Trepador Comp Sticky 37x12.50LT17 x 5 $1600

    Selling my Maxxis Trepador Stickies. 5 x 37.1250LT17 with lots of tread remaining. Tires only, no wheels included. No punctures or repairs, just switched back to a DOT tire. Pick in or near Springfield MO. Any questions just ask.
  12. AMS417

    PSC hose and fitting questions (steering box to ram)

    Noticed my pitman arm is rubbing my hydraulic hoses and its down to steel braids. I used a piece of scrap heater hose to wrap the damaged section to protect it but have plans to wheel this weekend and want to be prepared. My LJ has the PSC steering box in it. What size is the hydraulic hose...
  13. AMS417

    WTB: OEM hood hold down / latches exterior

    Does anyone have a set of OEM hood latches? The exterior latches that hold down the hood? Need both sides, both pieces. Cheap aftermarket ones all have terrible reviews.
  14. AMS417

    AMS417 Joins the LJ Club

    Long day yesterday working until noon, and driving 6 hours across the wastelands of Kansas I finally arrived to inspect the LJ I have been eyeing. It has some shortcomings, it needs some dialing in and some attention to detail, but with only 50k actual miles and a mod list probably well north of...
  15. AMS417

    SOLD Updated - 2005 Jeep TJ Rubicon 6-speed with 85k miles - $18k

    Tons of pictures added below. Scroll down :) $500 finders fee will be paid to any forum member who brings me a buyer at full price. Buyer must mention you by forum name prior to the transaction taking place. if a forum member buys it, take $500 off the price. Other than that I am pretty firm at...
  16. AMS417

    Almost snatched up an LJ today

    Was too slow again, guy from KC MO drove down and has a deal pending on this one. I am pretty frustrated I missed it. Clean LJR with Mopar bumpers, tire carrier, rockers, both tops, and both sets of doors. Was only asking $18k. I will find the "one" some day, just not today. I want to buy an...
  17. AMS417

    Best low profile diff cover for Dana 44 front?

    Had a good time adventuring with a group on Mark Twain National Forrest lands this weekend. Has no idea the trail system was so large and diverse. Found some pretty challenging climbs and ledge rock. Lots of deep water crossings due to the rain. Need to check my fluids asap. Also managed to...
  18. AMS417

    Jeep Hauler / Camper Build

    I've decided to do a build thread on my Jeep Hauler / Camper project. First time doing a "build thread" and I don't remember to take pictures most of the time so hang in there if this get off track. Trying to improve a weakness here, and practice might help. If so, maybe I will start documenting...
  19. AMS417

    BFG Tire Rebate Thread

    Folks, I should have done this a long time ago, but I thought I would start a thread to help you with rebates, promotional, and discount opportunities on BFG tires. I will post details for upcoming rebates here as I receive them (and try to keep it updated). These will be rebates that are...
  20. AMS417

    Ordered 5 Walker Evans Legend II wheels. Thoughts from those who have them.

    Just put in a backorder with my company for 5 of the 15x8 5x4.5 -19mm Walker Evans wheels in Bronze. Wanted something different, and I like the look of these. Was tempted to go to bead locks but that's fixing an issue I don't have yet. Planning to go up from 33" KO2 to 35x12.50R15 BFG KM3 when I...