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  1. TJim

    Wheel Chocks

    Hey guys! Are you using any kind of wheel chocks, when you working on your Jeep? For example, to put them on the rear wheels, when you remove the front wheels for alignment, or suspension work. Just to be extra safe. If yes, what type? Just a beginner, trying to be safe
  2. TJim

    Cruising RPM for gas mileage (4-cylinder)

    Hey guys! I didn't want to hijack another thread talking about the 6 cylinder. Do you know what is the peak RPM for the 4 cylinder engine? (Preferably for the 2.4L) I have a 2004 2.4L 4 cylinder TJ. NV1500 transfer case. 31" tires. I am trying to decide between 4.56 and 4.88 gears. Do you...
  3. TJim

    Questions about axles

    Hey guys! Just some random questions about Jeep axles. 1) Are the TJ front Dana 44s low pinion or high pinion? What about the JK front Dana 44s? 2) Are all the TJ Dana 35s low pinion? What about the rear Dana 44s? 3) As far as the rear axles go, there is no advantage for a high pinion vs a...
  4. TJim

    Mazda RX7 - Toyota Supra lovers

    Any Mazda RX7 FC, Mazda RX7 FD or Toyota Supra MK3 lovers in here? Any experiences / photos?
  5. TJim

    Snow in Athens, Greece

    Something that we don't see so often here in Athens, Greece. Lots of snow, that left many people stranded for hours (that's the sad part). But it's beautiful to see, and a chance to have some fun if you have a Jeep Here are some pictures!
  6. TJim

    Rocker guard

    Which is the rocker guard of the Red TJ in the banner? any links?
  7. TJim

    BFH Garage Who is this guy? I like his videos! Great work
  8. TJim

    Would you sell a factory soft top in order to buy an aftermarket Bestop soft top?

    Hey! Would you sell a factory soft top in order to buy an after market best top soft top? (I know best top made the factory soft tops too)
  9. TJim

    Do springs unseat when they reach their free length?

    I am just trying to figure some stuff out, about my next shocks. I know the right method is to cycle the axles in order to determine the correct shock length. Until I find the time to do that, I am just "playing" with some measurements I have. *Please correct my thinking since I am might be...
  10. TJim

    Tips for painting rear bumper

    Hey everyone. Some months ago I built a rear bumper. I had no time to install it before, but today I managed to find some time to drill the holes and install it. So, I want to paint it this week. My thinking is the following: 1) Clean with soap water 2) Dry 3) Clean with acetone 4) Dry 5)...
  11. TJim

    Shocks: Gas Charged vs Hydraulic

    Hey! Let’s just compare gas charged vs hydraulic shocks! In which case is the one better than the other? *My main focus is between Skyjacker Black Max (hydraulic) and Rancho rs5000x (gas)
  12. TJim

    Request: Manual of an export TJ?

    Does anyone has a manual that can share? I am looking for a manual of a TJ in a hot climate (Mexico, Australia, etc.) I would like to see what exactly it is referred about the engine oil viscosity of the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine! Thanks in advance!
  13. TJim

    Engine oil change interval: Why 6 months?

    Hey guys! I use 10W40 Valvoline Maxlife (synthetic blend). I have a 2.4L engine. My TJ averages 4000-5000 miles per year. For example: this year I have roughly 2500 miles since I changed the engine oil 7 months ago. Many people claim that they change at around 5000 miles or 6 months...
  14. TJim

    Opinions on Valvoline Max Life 10W-40

    Hey everyone! I know engine oil is one of the most discussed topics in the forum. However, I am about to use Valvoline Max Life 10W-40. What's your experience/opinion on this engine oil? *I am looking at the 10W-40 viscosity, because I live in Greece, so it's a relatively hot climate. (100+...
  15. TJim

    Are JKs more capable than TJs?

    Hey guys! Just a random thread. Are JKs more capable than TJs in off road capabilities? What do you think?
  16. TJim

    Best shock option for 3 inch lift

    Hey guys! **A little back story** Some months ago I decided to install some 31s, so I needed a suspension lift. I decided to run OME 2" Light Duty Springs (932 & 941). I had no idea how much actual lift I would get, but I was thinking close to 2" without the spacers. Because of how light my 4...
  17. TJim

    4 springs vs 2.5-3 springs and body lift for 33s?

    Hey guys! The title is pretty self explanatory. Would you prefer 4” suspension lift or 2.5-3” suspension lift + 1” Body lift for running 33s? Please let me know all the advantages and the disadvantages that you can think of! *Lets just for the sake of the conversation assume that we are...
  18. TJim

    When Should You Upgrade Your Axles? (Youtube - Trail Recon - Dynatrac)

    Just saw this video. What do you guys think about it?
  19. TJim

    How do I know when to replace my brake calipers?

    Hey guys! I am about to change my front brakes. My rotors are warped, my pads are done. So new rotors and pads 100%. My question is when do I know when my calipers need to be changed? What should I look for?
  20. TJim

    33x12.50 on 15x8 vs 15x10

    Hey guys! My brain has frozen please help! A friend of mine runs 33x12.50 tires on 15x10 rims. 3.75 BS. In order to buy some 15x8 rims and keep the same stance + to not have interference of any kind he needs to buy 3.75 BS as well? Am I right? How would 33x12.50 compare between 15x8 vs...