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  1. bucky

    Joining the Milwaukee cordless universe

    So I currently have Porter Cable 20v cordless 3/8” drill and 1/4” impact driver that are starting to show their age. All my other tools are air or corded. I’ve decided to join the Milwaukee Universe. I’m trying to figure out how to implement this change. My main concern is the cost of batteries...
  2. bucky

    Don't get your oil changed at the dealership
  3. bucky

    Anyone buy a new car in the last month?

    So the wife and I are looking to buy a 2022 Mazda CX-5 Turbo. How are the deals at the dealerships. Are they still marking up the MSRP? I’m not used to paying full MSRP let alone more. We are planning on a 3-4 week road trip in late Aug so I’d like to get it sooner than later. I’d be happy...
  4. bucky

    Stair Stringers

    I’m rehabbing one of my properties. I removed the death trap stairs and poured new concrete sloped to match the exiting drive way. I am adding a 4’x4’ landing with 42” wide stairs. My issue is that I have a left to right drop of 1.5” over 4’ and the same coming outward from the edge of the...
  5. bucky

    Complete set of Sahara fender flares

    Sahara fender flare complete set.
  6. bucky

    Mazda CX5 Owners

    The wife is finally going to retire in June. We plan on taking road trips around the country. First trip is planed for late Aug to Yellowstone and then knock around Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota for a few weeks. I’m looking for a small SUV and the Mazda CX5 is the front runner...
  7. bucky

    Wireless Security Camera System

    I have a small RV storage facility. I’ve owned this for 25 yrs and just recently I’ve had issues with someone breaking into trailers on 2 occasions. Luckily they have not caused damage or stolen anything of real value and I think it is a kid or a tweaker. They are accessing the trailers through...
  8. bucky

    California Vandenberg rocket launch

    They have scheduled a rocket launch from Vandenberg tonite at 10:23. Hopefully we will have clear conditions and be able to see it here in SoCal. Always assume to see but it will probably be too late at night to see much of the vapor trail. I do not know how big of a rocket it will be but they...
  9. bucky

    I just wanted to dig a 6 inch hole!

    So I’m putting up 60’ of cedar fence and I have 6 of 10 posts cemented in. Start digging #7 and 1’ down I hit a rock. Turns out it’s a small 18” boulder, damn. It took me all morning to break it up and get it out. To add insult to injury just as I got done it’s now in the shade. Time for lunch...
  10. bucky

    Looking into buying a lift for the shop

    I’m getting too old to crawl under vehicles to do maintenance and repairs. I’m looking at getting a 10K lb 2 post lift for the shop. I’ve been looking around the net and youtube and see that quality is all over the place. Seems like the manufacturers can place any weight rating they want. What...
  11. bucky

    Welding helmet

    I currently have a KT auto darkening helmet and run a Hobart Ironman 230 welder. I have old eyes and need glasses to see both far and near. My problem is that I have difficulty seeing the pool and surrounding area properly when I’m welding and as a result it’s hard to keep my welds on track. Is...
  12. bucky

    Shocks for 2019 F250

    I have a stock 2019 F250 supercab FX4 10,000lb gvw 29,000 miles. I pull a 10,000lb equipment trailer off road often. The majority of my off roading is low speed 25mph or less. I had the front end rebuilt at 7,500 miles due to death wobble. It has always had excessive, in my opinion, wheel hop...
  13. bucky

    Wyoming Wyoming Wheeling

    The wife and I are looking at purchasing a summer home in the Riverton Wyoming area. We need to move our tax base out of Ca so we need to be there for at least 6 months and a day. Anyone have any info on wheeling in the area or any local information? We would love to move to the Jackson or Cody...
  14. bucky

    OBD 1-2 recomendations

    So it’s time to stop borrowing friends OBD scanners. I’m partial to the Innova brand but open to others. I prefer one that is OBD1 and OBD2 compliant and has all the required cords and connectors. Not interested in the bluetooth models that connect to a phone. It needs to give me real time...
  15. bucky

    I HATE V-8s #@&*!!!

    I HATE V-8s!! I replaced the spark plugs in my 05 TJR a while back and it took me all of a 1/2 hour. Didn’t even Finnish my beer. I just finished putting plugs in my 04 Suburban 6.0 and it took me over 3 hours. The back passenger one took over an hour alone. I cut the hell out of the one hand I...
  16. bucky

    Power To The People

    Yeah! I just finished adding 140 amps to the 40 amp service I had in my shop. 162 feet of trench (dug by hand), 1 1/4 inch conduit and 500 feet of #4 wire. 250 feet of EMT plus outlets, switches and a shit ton of wire. Only took me 3 weeks to get it done. Don’t ask me how much it cost because I...
  17. bucky

    Where do you keep your pistol?

    I hope this isn’t a politically incorrect post. I have a CCW. I need to figure out a way to secure my pistol when I go into an establishment that doesn’t allow them such as a bar. In my YJ I have a lock box that fits nice and secure with easy access in the center console. The YJ console is too...
  18. bucky

    Is this normal spark plug wear?

    So I decided to replace the plugs on my new to me 05 4.0 TjR with 112K miles. I bought Autolite APP-985 plugs. PO apparently installed Autolite XP-985 plugs at some point and I suspect they have less than 100K on them. I checked the gap on the old ones and one was @ .035 the rest ranged from...
  19. bucky

    Are windshield frame hinge screws the same size as door screws?

    I want to remove the Gobi rack that PO installed. The rack uses stainless bolts so I need to replace them with stock torx. My question is, are these the same size as the door hinge screws? They seem to be cheaper than the window screws but they appear to be the same. Also where is a good source...
  20. bucky

    Anyone have a picture of the factory airbox setup on a 2005 Rubicon?

    The project for tomorrow is to replace the K&N cold air intake with the factory air box. Luckily the OP kept the old system and it appears to be complete. Anyone have a picture of the factory setup. I’m primarily looking for the orientation of the tube entering the filter box and where the 2...