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  1. Jamesval035

    Savvy Gas Tank Skid (Montrose, CO) Anyone looking for a GTS in Montrose, CO
  2. Jamesval035

    Savvy GTS Anyone looking for a GTS in Montrose, CO
  3. Jamesval035

    AR beadlocks NC Too bad they’re -38 offset and 5x5. A little too much BS but otherwise Doesn’t seem like a bad deal
  4. Jamesval035

    New Warn zeon winch mall crawl version!

    Now I’ve seen it all for mall crawlers! 😂😂...
  5. Jamesval035

    Engine revs on its own after tummy tuck

    Just finished installing a ultra hi UCF skid plate and JB sssye, haven’t received the rear DS via mail yet. Problem is..I decided to take it out of the garage around the block in 4hi, but when I placed it into reverse the engine revs on its own. First gear seems to be ok and when I get into...
  6. Jamesval035

    Currie trackbar relocation bracket issue

    Has anyone else had this issue? The main bolt for the relocation bracket is not lining up. What’s the recommendation… should I wallow out the bracket hole to fit or the axle side bracket?
  7. Jamesval035

    2005 LJ for $10k Inquired about it and rust. What do y’all think of the frame rust and cost?
  8. Jamesval035

    Half doors in Raleigh, NC $295

    Anyone looking for half doors?
  9. Jamesval035

    2006 LJR in NC Looks clean and well built for anyone wanting to spend some 💰
  10. Jamesval035

    Half doors in Durham, NC

    I know people are always looking for half doors. Here’s a set on marketplace.
  11. Jamesval035

    Half doors I know half doors are always wanted, so here are some for $550
  12. Jamesval035

    06 LJR salvage title It looks good but doesn’t say why it’s salvaged.
  13. Jamesval035

    UCF discount

    FYI, Undercover fab is having a Halloween sale. 15% off UCF products if anyone is interested. Code: ucfscarysavings If it’s in the wrong area 🤷🏻‍♂️ in the forum do with it what you will. 👍🏼
  14. Jamesval035

    LJ Rubicon What say you?
  15. Jamesval035

    Uwharrie Dickey Bell

    Went to Uhwarrie this Friday before all the peeps and Jeeps found their way for Labor Day weekend. Its always good to be out there without traffic on the trails, also good to have a Friday off while everyone is working. I only got footage of Dickey Bell Trail 91 with my drone as it was the first...
  16. Jamesval035

    04 Rubicon And another one. Not badly priced
  17. Jamesval035

    Gulches ORV Park, SC

    The kids and I took weekend trip to the Gulches in SC. Wasn’t sure why to expect as it was our first time there. We had a blast though. All sorts of trails from moderate To extreme. Really liked the camp site they gave us. It was right by the river and while there the weather was almost perfect...
  18. Jamesval035

    NC trails

    Figured I’d do a NC trail riding thread to keep it open to those that want to post in here without starting a new one. Here is my rig out at uwharrie, been out twice this year and will be going back next weekend. The 4Runner is my wife’s trd daily/family car. The steps rails scraped every...
  19. Jamesval035

    What would you do dilemma: Keep my TJ or get an LJ?

    I currently am planning to regear and arb rear locker, chromos and 35”s in my 01 TJ this summer. Have done a number of things to my Jeep to include MC fenders/rails and rebuilt engine 8k mi ago. The dilemma... there is a khaki Jeep LJ rubicon 6spd for sale with 73k clean frame for 16k and...
  20. Jamesval035

    Front wheel stud replacement question

    I need to replace two studs in the front of my TJ. I have searched and googled but only see JK and rear axle stud replacement. Do I need to remove front wheel hub to replace the wheel studs? What a PIA.