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  1. Jerry Bransford

    Will a Bestop Trektop fit my TJ?

    I welded a brace across the rear of my factory sport cage, does it protrude rearward enough to prevent me from installing Bestop's Trektop? I need a new top and like the fact I wouldn't have to use the OE top support with the Trektop but I'm worried it may hug the rear of the sport cage too...
  2. Jerry Bransford

    Two mini-strokes last week...

    I spent last Friday and Saturday in the VA Emergency Room swarmed by 7-8 neurologists, doctors and even more nurses only to be told I had suffered two mini-strokes. Prior to that my wife & I had been searching for a home to buy in Florida and I was reading addresses off to her when suddenly I...
  3. Jerry Bransford

    Northdidge4x4's new dummy Warn winch

    If I hadn't a-seen it I would have never believed it. I was laughing my ass off in bed this morning, even my wife was laughing :ROFLMAO: But then again I completely missed all of April Fool's day this year when this actually came out. I bought it hook-line-and-sinker this morning! :ROFLMAO:
  4. Jerry Bransford

    SOLD Tom Wood-built DC rear driveshaft for Rubicon

    This is a Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts-built DC driveshaft has 1350 u-joints and is sized to fit a Rubicon with a 4" suspension lift. It comes with the correct flange mount to bolt up to the 241 transfer case, you just need to source a 1350 yoke to fit a Dana 44 pinion. I had that part but it...
  5. Jerry Bransford

    SOLD Savvy Transfer Case Shifter for the Rubicon 241

    It's brand new, I never got around to installing it after ordering it several years ago. Savvy wants $170 for it, I'll sell it for $140 including shipping to a continental US address.
  6. Jerry Bransford

    FREE Free 03-06 steering box...with a few catches

    @mrblaine kindly loaned me a 2003-2006 power steering box for use as a spare on the Rubicon Trail. I have no further need for it now so with Blaine's blessing I am passing his kindness along to someone else. Three requirements: 1) You have to pick it up here at my house here in Escondido CA. I...
  7. Jerry Bransford

    The move to Florida is on!

    I cannot believe that 2 days after I got in touch with a home buying company our house just sold with an offer $100k over what I was even hoping for. 30 days to get out though so I'm going to be busting my ass until we get back to Florida. Wow, I haven't slept in 2 nights with my head spinning...
  8. Jerry Bransford

    I don't know what I hate more, California or Genesis

    My daily driver 2013 Genesis has a Check Engine light preventing it from passing its smog test required to renew its registration for 2022. Diagnostics said its main catalytic converter was bad and my local shop agreed. It's a big job enough job that I wouldn't do it. Just over $1800, most of...
  9. Jerry Bransford

    For us old guys with BPH (trouble peeing)

    Yep I'm in that group and early afternoon today I'm getting a Urolift procedure. My urologist (a female no less!) will be inserting a tool up my crank and that tool also includes a camera, to insert four "stitches" (it turned out to be 8 stitches!) through my prostate to spread it open so it...
  10. Jerry Bransford

    Breaking news, shortage of tampons!

    Too good not to share. 🤣
  11. Jerry Bransford

    Bead unseated and no compressor? No problem!

    I need to add firecrackers to my tool box. :ROFLMAO:
  12. Jerry Bransford

    And people wonder why I love the desert

    Just another desert happening, you never know what you'll see there next. :ROFLMAO:
  13. Jerry Bransford

    My last hurrah for my favorite wheeling area...Calico Ghost Town Canyons in SoCal

    Just got back from 4 days in the canyons surrounding Calico Ghost Town, just outside Barstow California. Such a beautiful and fun place to wheel! We also broke something like 5 out of 15 Jeeps to one degree or another, mostly minor, during the day. Usually it's zero breakages but.... Anyway...
  14. Jerry Bransford

    I absolutely love criminals like this dumbass
  15. Jerry Bransford

    Has anyone been to St. Petersburg Russia?

    SO stoked, the wife just surprised me with the go-ahead to book a 12 day cruise that includes 2 days in St. Petersburg Russia this coming May. Has anyone ever been there? One night we're even going to the Great Hall to see a major performance by the St. Petersburg Symphonic Orchestra. In fact...
  16. Jerry Bransford

    Full waterproof covers... any recommendations?

    It's time for me to move the Jeep out of the garage and back onto the driveway. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good quality waterproof full cover that holds up? And that won't leak if it pools up a little during a heavy rainstorm when there's no top on the Jeep to support it? I've...
  17. Jerry Bransford

    Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dead at 80

    This just hitting the news, it shocked me having been a Rolling Stones fan since they hit the charts. I only knew Charlie was not quite like the rest of them, he was always more reserved and non-flashy than Mick and Keith are. This article I just found is a good read if you have the least bit...
  18. Jerry Bransford

    Youtube videos showing mechanics in India

    Indian mechanics amaze me. They have roadside stalls, sometimes not even that... they often work on sidewalks and dirt floors. I've watched videos where they have rebuilt starter motors, alternators, and transmissions, and last night I watched them repair a HUGE axle shaft that had snapped on...
  19. Jerry Bransford

    A normal day in Russia... Roman candle style!

    This was just too effing funny not to share! :ROFLMAO:
  20. Jerry Bransford

    RGA Discovery shafts back in stock, still no R&P gears & no ETA

    FYI Revolution Axle & Gear just posted up on FB that they finally have Discovery axle shafts back in stock for TJs (and JKs) in stock. P.S. On the other hand, my contact there just confirmed to me there is no ETA on their when R&P gears will be back in stock. He was only half-joking when he...