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  1. psrivats

    Impact Orange 2005 TJ - stock, manual trans, 14.5k mikes, $16.5k - Tubac, AZ Looks stock other than for Moab wheels. Fender flares are a little faded from AZ heat but jeep looks great otherwise. @bobthetj03 @Fouledplugs
  2. psrivats

    2006 LJ rubicon (50k miles, manual) - $15.5k - Glendale CA (this *could* be good deal)

    This could be a very good deal if what is in the ad is true - will need a repaint though. *NO ACCIDENTS, Salvage title due to "vandalism", jeep was originally yellow, and was spray painted black*...
  3. psrivats

    Need some advice about my XJ (and perhaps potentially replacing it)

    I need some advice about my XJ and whether replacing it is a better idea than fixing it. Background - I have a 1996 XJ with ~225k miles. Bought it for $1200 sometime in 2018. 2 prev owners and stock suspension, with a good body. Orig 4.0 engine and trans (AW4). After I got the vehicle, I had...
  4. psrivats

    Sometimes, a photo is better than a 1000 words

    Most people know that Johnson Valley is a hard place to wheel. Most people know it is steep and rocky. We have all certainly heard about boulders the size of refrigerators and rocks that can eat body panels and undercarriage parts for lunch. Many of us have seen photos of jeeps crawling in JV...
  5. psrivats

    2005 TJ Rubicon - $12k , 163k miles, clean title - San Fernando, CA

    This looks like a good deal .. @bobthetj03 roadtrip?
  6. psrivats

    2005 LJ Rubicon, auto, 75k miles, auto - Fruita, Colorado - $19k - decent shape

    Not mine. Saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share. Seller says no frame rust. Light rust spots on the tub. There is some paint damage on one corner. But otherwise seems ok and seems stock too. @jjvw @rasband anyone in the CO gang or other friends/family looking for an LJ? Maybe a BFH...
  7. psrivats

    Full OEM soft top+ soft windows and soft doors - San Deigo - $150 (small tear in rear window)

    edit: this is NOT mine - just saw this on facebook and thought I would share.
  8. psrivats

    Rubicon / Sahara fender flares - $100 - Gadsden, AL

    Saw this on FB .. great deal if you can pick them up -
  9. psrivats

    2005 Khaki LJR, stock, 39k miles, both tops - $25k - Henderson NV
  10. psrivats

    Stock XJ for .. get this .. $15,000 !

    I know used car prices have gone up .. but this is silly :ROFLMAO: @Squatch you have to rethink your sale price :)
  11. psrivats

    2005 Sport, auto, 17k mikes, clean title - $22.5k - Montebello CA

    Given how much low mileage rigs go for, this looks like a good price.
  12. psrivats

    Collins bros. (Texas) Jeep collection for sale

    Just saw this .. the prices are nuts but there are many good jeeps here.
  13. psrivats

    Boomerang type walking rear suspension @starkey480 get one of these for your crazy trails 🙂
  14. psrivats

    Jeep half doors - $215 - Millinocket, Maine
  15. psrivats

    How is the TJ tub put together?

    I want to get a better understanding of how the TJ tub is put together. Purely to satisfy some curiosity, no issues on my Jeep. I have seen various threads where people replace floor pans/torque box and a few threads where there is discussion on plug welds and such holding different body panels...
  16. psrivats

    Bronco "trail turn assist"

    This popped up on my feed. Can something like this be replicated with independent rear parking brakes?
  17. psrivats

    TJ soft top with frame (stock?) - $50, San Deigo

    Can't tell if this is a stock top, but the frame probably is? @Nickgsjeep if you ever change your mind about going back to a black top :)
  18. psrivats

    Ford Bronco suspension deep dive

    Some good details in this article:
  19. psrivats

    Currie rock crawler front v-bumper (CA)

    You very rarely see them for sale these days. @Squatch (not sure if you are active here?) - I remember you wanting these a long while ago.