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  1. imahnu

    DIY Slider Concerns

    Hello all, I've decided I'm going to build myself some sliders. My basic idea is to use a 90 degree 3/16" piece of mild steel that stretches from wheel well to wheel well with a 3/16th mild steel backer plate on the inside of the tub. For mounting hardware I was planning on using allen button...
  2. imahnu

    Savvy Rear Springs

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the spring rate on the Savvy 4” lift rear springs? I’m replacing my OME rear springs and want to make sure I order what I need all at once. Thanks for your time.
  3. imahnu

    P0501 After Speedo Gear Change

    Anyone familiar with a P0501 error code after changing speedo gears? I just replaced my speedo gear and afterwards my speedometer was no longer working. I rechecked everything to make sure it was engaged and in the proper setting but it still isn't working and after maybe 40 miles or so it...
  4. imahnu

    Truetrac vs Locker (ARB/E-Locker/OX)

    Hello all, I currently have Truetracs front and rear which have served me well. I'm thinking of swapping 1 out for either an ARB or E Locker so that I have a true locker. My initial thought is to keep the truetrac in the rear and put the locker up front. What do y'all think? Is it worth the...
  5. imahnu

    Stock Airbox with Cowl Intake Concerns

    Hello Everyone! First post on here but I've gathered a huge wealth of knowledge from being a guest for the past few years. I'd like to say that this forum has been a massive help for me with the advice of the members here. I've solved a lot of issues with my jeep as well as made lot of...