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  1. SvtLdr

    Drag link ends - what's the difference?

    Can anyone explain why the drag link is designed with only one end that is replaceable? The tie rod end (TRE) that's connected to the pitman arm can be purchased separately but the TRE at the passenger side knuckle is one solid piece. When that side wears out, it's time for a new drag link. Why...
  2. SvtLdr

    Does anyone know if there's a difference between early and late model clutch hydraulics?

    Does anyone know if there's a difference between early and late model clutch hydraulics? I'm looking into the LUK CRS011 kit and the application guide shows this is for 2000-2002 model years. I have a 1998 and am wondering if they are all the same between years? Thanks in advance.
  3. SvtLdr

    Eaton E-Locker replacement switch options

    Any suggestions on a replacement rocker switch for the ELocker? I contacted Eaton and was told I'd have to purchase a complete wiring kit (BIG $$$). I've found a few generic versions online that look like they'd work ok. I haven't found any with the safety lock-out like the Eaton switch has. I...
  4. SvtLdr

    Transfer case input shaft seal (single lip vs. double)

    Is there any problem using a double lip seal on the NP231 input shaft? Original seal in the front bearing retainer (National 13672) is single lip. The seal that came in my kit (TTO F4100) is double lip. Also, on the double lip seal, which side is external, metal side or rubber side? Thanks.
  5. SvtLdr

    Need help with NP231 input shaft pilot bearing

    Does anyone know what the installed depth of this bearing should be? I made the mistake of knocking the old one out without measuring the depth first. This is the new pilot bearing going into the 23 spline input shaft. Thanks in advance.