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  1. SvtLdr

    Rock Lights

    These are advertised as "waterproof" but the reviews seem to be mixed on that subject. Have you found that to be the case? Also, it appears that these lights have a hole in each pod for a screw? Is that accurate? Did you use screws or did you just use the 3M method? Maybe @tworley can weigh...
  2. SvtLdr

    Is my starter bad?

    I'd start with the battery cables. Look for corrosion underneath the insulation.
  3. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Loved the "busier than usual at this destination." That tells you you're headed to the right place!
  4. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    @JMT, if you ever make it to the Badlands, I'd like to show you around!
  5. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    That would make for an interesting wheeling report. I hope you don't break the Jeep... but if you do I'm excited to see pics of your Colorado wheeling the Badlands! :ROFLMAO:
  6. SvtLdr

    Who rotates the spare tire?

    I do. Mostly because I typically end up getting rid of my tires due to age rather than tread wear. This way I'm not pitching a "brand new" tire.
  7. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Have a great time, man! Make sure you visit the quarry!
  8. SvtLdr

    I burned my exhaust valve, now what?

    Wait, is that Yoga Pants?
  9. SvtLdr

    98 exhaust manifold replacement

    I found this swivel socket to be incredibly handy. Definitely a good investment if you're planning to tackle this job.
  10. SvtLdr

    tworley build

    Any sign of the massive logo that they've been putting on their soft tops lately?
  11. SvtLdr

    Re-gearimg for 31s and AX15

    I have a very similar setup as you do: '98 4.0L with the AX-15. I wheeled for a while on 31s with 3.73 gears and it was a good combo. 4.10 gears would've been slightly better. Either way, if I were you, I'd be looking for the take-off axles with stock gears at the local pick-a-part. Both gear...
  12. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Nice work, man. Keep us posted.
  13. SvtLdr

    A rebuild of #miRustyJeep...

    Wow Mike, seems like there should be an established support group for this kind of scenario? #FirstTimersBearingFailure
  14. SvtLdr

    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    You're probably right but he's got his own Bronco... If the Off-Rodeo crew doesn't head to Pritchett Canyon then he can certainly do so on his own! If he has to resort to it, he should be able to sell it to his wife: Look honey, Loren Healy did it in a stock Bronco and he showed me all the...
  15. SvtLdr

    Bronco vs. Wrangler

    @Noslo65 we wanna see pics of your Bronco in Pritchett! Just follow all the lines that Loren Healey outlined in the video - you'll be fine.
  16. SvtLdr

    Are there durable grab handles out there?

    But they're BILLET!
  17. SvtLdr

    Are there durable grab handles out there?

    Carolina Metal Masters
  18. SvtLdr

    35's on Stock Parts

    OEM front locker will be fine. Stock axle shafts... depends on your definition of "moderate wheeling." I would at least carry spares with you.
  19. SvtLdr

    How to clear a P0107 code

    That's a MAP sensor code, unrelated to the modifications you mentioned. Are you experiencing any drivability issues, rough idle, stalling ETC.? It's possible it's a fluke? You can disconnect your negative battery cable for a few minutes. That should clear the code. Or get ahold of an OBD2...
  20. SvtLdr

    Are Savvy tub sliders gone for good?

    Bummer if that's the case. They were a unique product.