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  1. someguysjeep

    Trail doors

    these popped up today. the seller won't ship or they'd be gone already.
  2. someguysjeep

    Send it, is almost an understatement

    dig this leap.
  3. someguysjeep

    Wasted jeep

    anybody seen this 1 b4?
  4. someguysjeep

    Super 35 shafts

    thought i saw these were gettin hard to get or people were waitin. anyways these came up today and look like a deal...
  5. someguysjeep

    Few questions about the charcoal canister

    so i have heard of this thing called a charcoal canister, for me it was in my rear passenger fender with all the other emissions BS. i assume that sys sucks fumes from the tank cycles it through this sys via a vacuum draw ? jump forward to now and all that craps no longer present. i run a...
  6. someguysjeep

    Was the windshield glass ever any different from 97-06?

    i'm needing a replacement windshield (glass) and Summit is local to me. they don't have glass listed for an 04, but i don't have an 04 frame anymore either, it's from an earlier model. what they do have is a TJ windshield glass that's listed to fit a 97-2000 Sahara, SE or sport editions. but...
  7. someguysjeep

    anybody ever made front fenders?

    i had cut away OE fenders made into HL's but the orange cancer is winning on the decks. i like a couple brands of available HL fenders but the idea of them not matching the cuts my body already has is a concern and not wanting to have to find and cut another hood or re-bend the inners is as...
  8. someguysjeep

    Anyone familiar with Nemesis fenders?

    my OE driver side fender is not well. my fenders were cut for a home brew high line and beginning to show sings of rust and fatigue. i could score some new knock offs and chop those for replacement for about 300ish. and still have to rework them to fit and then paint. so now buying a fender...
  9. someguysjeep

    Mini jeep

    maybe for those that need to drive to the mailbox...
  10. someguysjeep

    Need some help with electrical / wiring

    JK E-locker. i ran an OE equivalent lead off the E locker. and i have a harness in place i was gonna re-purpose. it's a Hella harness and it's got a 12V/40A relay in it. my locker schematic says 8A max, 0-18V. so is it as simple as a new relay at a lower amperage? 8A if it can be located? or...
  11. someguysjeep

    Tub armor options

    is tub armor gear?? i'm in the market for some aluminum rear corner blanks..... no wheel, lamp, gate hinge or fuel door cutouts. i see GR and Savvy. anybody know anything worth looking at, that i might be missing? anybody got any reasons 1 might be better than the other? price is almost =...
  12. someguysjeep

    Sport bar removal

    does anyone know the size of the torx i need for the sport cage bolt........the big 1 in the B bar mid way up? it has a stud in the center and won't allow the tool to fit without a hole in it. and any tricks to removing the factory sealant they smear all over? the B bar mount pads are covered...
  13. someguysjeep

    Anyone familiar with these 1/2 doors?

    i think that looks like the bestop logo on the lower left exterior, yes? anyone familiar with how well or not they fit, or function? they came up local to me and less than the cost of an aluminum trail door. plastic would certainly be fairly lightweight, and she says the speakers and latches work.
  14. someguysjeep

    Overpriced TJ Rubicon Axles

    these popped up on FB today overpriced, but they look brand new.
  15. someguysjeep

    TJ Dana 44 front axle

    Daveys has a front Dana 44 for a TJ Rubi needs a little work on the LCA mount it says, but it's pretty cheap. he also has a rear that needs a TB bracket for real cheap...
  16. someguysjeep

    Cool tools

    not sure many of y'all might be familiar with this bad boy, it's a mag drill. a HD hole maker that can make holes up to 2" (with this model) . and can hang itself on any solid metal platform, no need to break your arms pushing on a drill just have to have room to use it...
  17. someguysjeep

    Rear shock hoops

    i need to get my butt moving on this rear end stretch, and i'm seeking some shock hoops. i could build towers like i did up front but those are kinda heavy. so far lowrange is at the top of my list, it's not...
  18. someguysjeep

    Odd find in AZ

    never come across 1 of these b4, not even sure why it was located out there.
  19. someguysjeep

    V8 kit

    i've seen um for less but, this 1 popped up in an out of area search. sure would be nice to have 1 of these if you ever plan on big wheels n axles.
  20. someguysjeep

    Why do we not use a CV drive shaft to power the front axle?

    why exactly do we not use a CV drive shaft to power the front axle (or rear)? been trying to figure a few things out, my front axle has some vibes when get up into OD. i'm still running the OE shaft, OK so this double cardan we have up front..........i'm never gonna get a straight shot at the...