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  1. Eddie Greenlee

    4.0 tapping noise

    If my 97 4.0 6cyl went out and I had to replace it, where should I start my search and what should I buy, like new / used ? Thanks.
  2. Eddie Greenlee


    hey y’all , I’ve noticed a pretty strong vibration throughout the Jeep right before I come to a complete stop. I don’t really notice it when I’m starting off from a complete stop. Would this be my brake calipers and pads ? or could it be my tires out of balance ? thanks.
  3. Eddie Greenlee

    Operating angle for pinion and transfer case.

    Morning So I know my pinion angle and drive shaft angle are about 1deg apart (double cardan). Drive shaft 18.1 , pinion 17.3 But what’s my operating angle about ? Transfer case yoke 6.1down of course. Pinion flange 17.3 The difference is 11.2. Deg. What is the reasoning to knowing this...
  4. Eddie Greenlee

    2012 Jeep Wrangler unlimited rubicon sport 4 door

    So I looked at a (what I guess is called a JK) 2012 Jeep rubicon 4 door the other day and they said it needed a new sway-bar module. ? So do ya just repair it yourself? Buy a new one ? Can you replace it with a Currie anti sway bar ? Also the 241 t-cast was not shifting properly and they said...
  5. Eddie Greenlee

    Which axle would you go with?

    So if you had a Dana 30 with chromeMolly axles and running 35” tires with an aussi locker up front, what axle would you go to ??
  6. Eddie Greenlee

    Any reason I should not run wheel spacers on my Dana 30 and Ford 8.8?

    Any reason I should not run wheel spacers on my Dana 30 and ford 8.8 They are Synergy1.25 thick spacers and they are hub centric. Thanks !
  7. Eddie Greenlee

    My pinion angle

    Hey y’all. To the best of my ability and with a Klein digital angle finder. Rear pinion to driveshaft is 17.5 +- each. Front pinion to driveshaft is 7.7 & 10.5. What do you think ? Do I need to drop my rear pinion one degree? Do I need to raise my front pinion angle 2 degrees ? Thanks
  8. Eddie Greenlee

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year y’all. Hope your 2022 is better than you can even imagine!
  9. Eddie Greenlee

    4 door Jeep models

    I know there are a lot of current popular 4 door Jeep models , but which model is the more trail ready / popular for up grades for rock crawling. I saw one of these locally.
  10. Eddie Greenlee

    32RH problems

    Well my 32 RH TRANS is slipping from first to second. Guess I’ll change out the ATF +4 and see what happens from there. I have plenty of ATF+4 in the trans. As a matter of fact it’s a little over full. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Eddie Greenlee

    Trailer project

    I did a little horse trading and came up with a 20’ Kandam axle trailer build. I put 4 new tires on it yesterday and pulled it home. It was so rough. I think I’ll need to take some air pressure out of the tires when it’s empty. ? The thing I don’t know anything about, is the leaf spring...
  12. Eddie Greenlee

    Is there a difference in new springs these days?

    I have a set of rough country 4” springs. These springs were installed by the previous owner many years ago. I’m thinking about changing them out. Just wondering if it’s time for a change. I’m running all Johnny joints and Savvy says their springs run best for their system. But you know there...
  13. Eddie Greenlee

    32RH torque converter lockup

    After my 32RH trans goes into 3rd gear the torque converter locks up soon after, no matter the rpm or speed. Even if I’m just going slow it locks up and the engine lugs. Any idea what’s going on. Thanks.
  14. Eddie Greenlee

    Drag link / Pittman arm end.

    Is there a better choice for the drag link end at the Pittman arm ? Found a cut in the boot today. Thanks.
  15. Eddie Greenlee

    Cutting & bending the pinch seam inside the wheel well.

    I’m wondering if any of you have cut and bent the pinch seam under the wheel wells for more room ?
  16. Eddie Greenlee

    Tightening Control arm bolts

    Now I know there are control arm torque specs. I also know as you tighten down on the nuts it compresses the CA brackets against the joints on the end of the control arms. Does that keep the control arms from moving freely ? Is there a trick to the trade ? what if you can not get to the nut...
  17. Eddie Greenlee

    Update on shocks

    Just wondering if there is a better choice now a days for shocks on a 4” lifted jeep tj other than Rancho shocks ? Not talking about coil overs or reservoir shocks. Thanks.
  18. Eddie Greenlee

    Which power steering pump?

    I’m pretty sure that the noise coming from my engine area and radiating down through the engine is coming from my power steering pump. Where should I buy and which pump for a 97 Jeep Wrangler TJ ? thanks.
  19. Eddie Greenlee

    Engine noise , oil pump noise …?

    Hey y’all , I’m going to post 2 videos, one by the oil pan and one by the exhaust Manifold. It’s an Annoying noise. I don’t know what an old pump sounds like when it’s going bad, but just wondering what this noise may be.
  20. Eddie Greenlee

    Good wishes

    Just wanted to say , I hope everyone is coping with this covid crap, and taking precautions accordingly. Be safe and take care.