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  1. someguysjeep

    Nashville TJ's Build Continued

    i'm starting to understand your estimated loaded rig weight.
  2. someguysjeep

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    .375x1.75 aluminum bar made me go look. never dawned on me to just go look at what i had on there. i want an upgrade under the doorsill holding the rocker panels.
  3. someguysjeep

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    is there any common or standard for backers? is 3/16"x 2 enough or is 1/4" thick the minimum? is 3/8" better or overboard?
  4. someguysjeep

    Wildman's TJ is getting a face lift

    a router might be the ticket. if i'm working freehand i'll take and clamp the pieces together or set them side by side or back to back and work as many surfaces as i can as a single piece so all the angled surfaces are equal. sculpting by hand takes an artists eye, i don't have either so i...
  5. someguysjeep

    MaxBilt vs ORO LED taillights

    ya, i like um. they are bright. also kinda like they are clear when not lit. the clear lens with the black ring looks good against the bare aluminum.
  6. someguysjeep

    Someguys 04

    i got the backing plates off both trailer axles yesterday. repacked all the big inner bearings and installed new seals all around. then i was able to get 1 axle fitted. so far, so good. kinda glad i went this route... the torque or lack of on the backing plate bolts was all over the place. the...
  7. someguysjeep

    What potential issues does a front truss introduce?

    small truss over the diff isn't much issue but the tube support height should be kept minimal if you ever plan on chasing maximum up travel. not a fan of anything that comes off the top of the diff and over, Savvy or a similar design is better, rising only about midway against the diff frame.
  8. someguysjeep

    Whistlin Diesel pays $500 each for driving a tractor to a school that impounded a kids tractor

    i stumbled on this clowns videos when he tore up a JK..........not sure what his deal is, but i'm not really a fan.
  9. someguysjeep

    MaxBilt vs ORO LED taillights

    probably been mentioned but do you have state laws on plate illumination? that might influence your options.
  10. someguysjeep

    MaxBilt vs ORO LED taillights

    think it was these...
  11. someguysjeep

    MaxBilt vs ORO LED taillights

    i got flush rounds now..... bright as hell and didn't cost me 200$. tryin to recall what brand they are. i bought them based on a post here somewhere. the reverse lamps are real bright. i chose the clear version but it comes red too iirc. i'll try and remember.
  12. someguysjeep

    Someguys 04

    just hooked it so far. need to get it out and around the block few times to heat up that fluid be sure i'm full and it's givin me a temp reading. i really appreciate the ever need some small bits for fabricating, maybe i can return the favor.
  13. someguysjeep

    Someguys 04

    had to do some lookin, didn't even know this existed. but i like this betterer. 15&16 are empty, like no contacts present in there kinda empty. 6 is the rear defogger, i'll see what i get from it. my local AZ sucks, the only fuses they got are 7.5's, but it'll only draw what it needs correct...
  14. someguysjeep

    Midnight Metalworks Rockbox D300

    looks like they finally made a 205 case..........1000$ down reserves you a spot in line.
  15. someguysjeep

    The move to Florida is on!

    garage, lucky best i'll have a double car port. i'd rather not be 10hrs deep, the ride out will be long and boring. but i have to get free of this cold weather. we are lookin down around deerfield/boca, 5 miles from the ocean and 5 miles from the glades. if AZ or NM offered the...
  16. someguysjeep

    The move to Florida is on!

    if i end up down there i'll be deeper down then Jerry is .................i can pick him up on my way out of state to go wheelin.
  17. someguysjeep

    Someguys 04

    closest wires to grab power are the switches i have already installed for rear E-locker and the ARB compressor. would the power draw from either effect the gauge? forgive me plz electrical is not my strong suit, i can look at most mechanical stuff and have a clue but wires are almost intimidating.
  18. someguysjeep

    Rust Buster upper rear coil buckets

    i don't really recall but think the rear springs are favored inward. shouldn't be hard to tell look down the rail is more spring inside the frame rail or outside. is your jeep lifted? are you also relocating them to the top of the arch at this time?
  19. someguysjeep

    Someguys 04

    i wasn't feelin lucky yesterday so i put that off until this evening. got it down, cleaned up and back up. went a bit heavier on the goo, i found the spot and it was thin, so all my fault. i'll let it set up overnight and see if it'll hold for me this time........bastard was stuck real good...
  20. someguysjeep

    04 LJK Repair, Redo, Recycle - The 3 R's of a First Build

    i like how tight it is to the back end.