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  1. Tray Burge

    Quadratop Issues

    Material might have something to do with it too? Mine is the Twill also, but man this thing fits like a glove.
  2. Tray Burge

    Shock the monkey…yikes!

    We're way past that. Keep your eyes in the sky.
  3. Tray Burge

    Quadratop Issues

    Yes, they're garbage and the replacement will be also. Return it and get the Bestop and be happy, happy, happy!
  4. Tray Burge

    Factory bumper mods

    That's gonna look good, I like that look myself too.
  5. Tray Burge

    Who rotates the spare tire?

    Just had mine done last weekend. Only rotate the four, spare stays mounted. It would be smart to rotate it in, but nobody ever said I was smart.
  6. Tray Burge

    Front mount mirrors with doors off

    On your Jeep? lol I'd like to see how you've mounted it. That mounts to the roll bar like my grab bars do, I actually like it.
  7. Tray Burge

    Scrubbing soft top. Anything better than Dawn?

    I'm suddenly hungry for clams?
  8. Tray Burge

    What manual shifter knob do you have?

    I have all their whole kit which comes with the shifter, E Brake and Transfer case shifter (and their grab bar) I love these.
  9. Tray Burge

    Front mount mirrors with doors off

    Yes, I had these at first, meh, they worked and looked okay...but? Then I found these and haven't looked back (pun) since! These are absolutely the bomb, but pricy.
  10. Tray Burge

    Quick Questions?

    As long as nobody "lemme aks a question" or do you have to be from the south to get that? lol
  11. Tray Burge

    Bought a Jeep on a whim

    But what a great color! Good luck and have fun.
  12. Tray Burge

    US license plates

    No way, sounds suspicious. But to answer your question, yes you can. The only "Vanity" plates I'm aware of come from the state you reside in from the DMV? Maybe you can go online now, but the quality wouldn't be suspect though.
  13. Tray Burge

    Top Gun: Maverick Reviews

    There's a reason for that. lol
  14. Tray Burge

    Georgia Rancho RS55241 RS5000X Shocks

    I'm in Senoia, GA How much for the pair?
  15. Tray Burge

    I have painted roll bars!

    hahahaha I like them without the pads better too, but my Jeep was built on a Monday so there's that.
  16. Tray Burge

    Before and after pictures

    62 here and have had a Toyota in my driveway since I was 16. Not much else to say?
  17. Tray Burge

    Who has had Covid-19?

    @jeffrybomb, I sincerely feel sorry for his wife and kids, that is if he actually found someone that would marry him and reproduce? I'm sure she doesn't even know he's such a Troll during the day either, but then again?
  18. Tray Burge

    Does a cold air intake add power on a 4.0?

    Y'all have no idea what your talking about? If you want maximum gains, ya gotta put the stickers on!
  19. Tray Burge

    Who has had Covid-19?

    Yeah, not worth the trouble with anybody I have blocked, they're blocked for a reason. lol @jefferybomb is an obvious Troll that just likes to start crap. Probably bottle fed as a baby and cry'n for attention? haha