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  1. Alex01

    "Pacing myself" build

    There's the problem.... 35's would do the trick ;)
  2. Alex01

    Compressor Needed

    I have the same one as well. I was blown away with how quite it was compared to the craftsman I had before.
  3. Alex01

    Official Craigslist Thread

    Looks a lot like @JMT's next jeep
  4. Alex01

    California Dusy Ershim Run 2022

    Floating beers never bothered me but the thought if ice cream 🤤
  5. Alex01

    "Pacing myself" build

    Small hub kit would allow for a more aggressive tuck as well..............
  6. Alex01

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    I used the new yoke version for the JL. I'm a Tom woods fan boy though.
  7. Alex01

    Alex01 Silver Sport Build Thread

    I had the pleasure of wheeling with @Lonewolf and @Choptop1954 over the weekend. We headed up north to Fordyce for a day trip since the water level was low, 50cfs, and the other options we looked at were all closed. The trail was a ton of fun and just the type of trip I've been dreaming of...
  8. Alex01

    Just installed GenRight highline fenders

    Looks good but I'm a bit bias.
  9. Alex01

    Midnight LJR's Affair

    I saw some Johnny Joints. I'm crossing my fingers they're double adjustable. Looking would ruin all the fun.
  10. Alex01

    Midnight LJR's Affair

    @Midnight LJR hardly be able to call it trail rated without a run through the vigocon!!!
  11. Alex01

    Midnight LJR's Affair

    Savvy showed up before the jeep so thats a +1. I'll be really impressed if they sent enough hardware.
  12. Alex01

    How to flush the automatic transmission on your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    @Midnight LJR this looks so fun. (Insert sarcasm here) Can we just manual swap the dam thing?
  13. Alex01

    Midnight LJR's Affair

    A bit of disinformation. Nothing from blaine.............yet :unsure:
  14. Alex01

    Rear lockers not engaging

    It doesn't matter what mode you're in. Once you flip that switch and the pump turns on it should lock. (May take a rotation or two) The sensor does nothing as far as the jeep is concerned, it's purely the pressure from the pump. The first thing I'd do is simply swap the outlet from the front...
  15. Alex01

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    How was the fireplace? Gamechanger?!?!?
  16. Alex01

    Midnight LJR's Affair

    And chapstick.
  17. Alex01

    US license plates

    This site looks like the real deal. I'd just make sure you search with the words metal and stamped.
  18. Alex01

    California NorCal Jeep adventures!

    You could easily make it to the first river crossing. I wouldn't say it's easy up until that point but it certainly is easier than stuff I've seen you on. After that I'm sure you could make it to winch hill 1 like we did but you'd be getting your money out of your skids. I was hitting the...
  19. Alex01

    Lonewolf's 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    What a fun day!!!! I can't wait to get out there again. Fordyce is definitely now one of my favorite CA trails if not on the top of the list.