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  1. RINC

    Arizona Memorial Day Weekend 2022 For Arizona Peeps

    I am available for a day of wheeling in the Phoenix area over the 3 day weekend. If a group of y'all want to do any trails and don't have family stuff, Let's Roll !
  2. RINC

    Happy Cinco De Mayo

  3. RINC

    Genright Fuel Tank Skid In AZ
  4. RINC

    Tool "The Pot" Best Song Ever

    Tell me I am wrong.
  5. RINC

    Guitar Heroes

    Hey @Chris , ever heard of this guy ? My 28 year old daughter heard this dude before she was born. Love this guy. Wish I had guitar skills.
  6. RINC

    Spare Tire Orientation

    Put my spare back on the tailgate. Should the tyre shade to one side or the other? The snubbers are not lining up. The tyre is centered with the tailgate and the receiver on the bumper. Really never paid attention when I was putting the old 31" tyre on. It's on the MORryde tailgate using the...
  7. RINC

    Savvy Engine and Transmission Skid Fitment

    Anyone have experience with this skid mating to a stock TJ TC skid ? Put in an order just now.
  8. RINC

    Elvis Trail/Box Canyon Florence, AZ 3-19-22

    First time back on this trail. 15 months have passed since the last time. My Jeep has come a long way in that time. So, I tackled most of the rocks instead of bypassing them. Met three new friends from the forums here. @Bob in Texas and his better half. @KcTj and of course, Super @DaveC being...
  9. RINC

    M38 Jeep Project

    Tons and forties?
  10. RINC

    LS swapped/genright TJ - $13,500 (Phoenix)

    This somehow does not give me the "Feels". Seems sketchy at this price including a trailer.
  11. RINC

    Greg & Chris' Most Excellent Adventure 2/20/22

    When Greg shows up without his better half, I know it will be an adventure. This trip, Greg had a family friend riding shotgun. It was an Adventure. While waiting for Greg to arrive. Then to air down, I took some pictures. Met a Youtuber couple I follow. Check out Wrecked Gear on...
  12. RINC

    That's Sick. Sick Week Florida 2022

    I love this drag and drive stuff.
  13. RINC

    Greg & Chris' Excellent Adventure 1/22/22

    Greg wanted to go exploring off of Table Mesa Rd. This ended up being an adventure. Started just after sunrise. Ended after sundown. I think we did the Lower Terminator trail. @Farmergreg gonna have to chime in with details.
  14. RINC

    Transfer case skid: should I wait or buy now?

    Savvy is what I want to run but, they are out of stock. May be a long time I was told when I called HWKHausSupply. How are UCF skids. Was looking at engine/TC skid. Called, left message to see if there was stock on hand. Waiting for reply...
  15. RINC

    C'ya 2021, Best of ......

  16. RINC

    New TJ owner in Florida

    Welcome !
  17. RINC

    Robert Plant Americana

  18. RINC

    You Don't Need To Shovel Sunshine

    Winter is coming.
  19. RINC

    Four Peaks 11-6-21

    So @DaveC and I went to the top of Four Peaks. Man, the views were worth it. I loves me some Arizona.
  20. RINC

    Arizona 11 06/07 Let's Roll!

    Anyone free to go wheeling next weekend ? Got my nephew in town. Plus it will be a chance to do a shake down run for my new suspension.