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  1. inkedrose

    Upper control arm bolt/long arm

    Never mind I got it! Used a come along to hold everything in place, undid the front, rebolted back, put front back together... way easier than I expected. Anything else that I should be watching for or may have f#cked up while I was doing this? Pinion angle seems same?
  2. inkedrose

    Upper control arm bolt/long arm

    My upper driver side control arm bolt pulled out. Jacked it up from skid plate and bolt seemed to be moving further into place as it articulated but not comfortable being under it that high with no support. Was going to disconnect the front to get the rear in but it seems like I'll have same...
  3. inkedrose

    Magical brake pads

    @mrblaine just looked at your website, mentions quality of rotors. Do you not recommend these with OEM rotors?
  4. inkedrose

    Front mount mirrors with doors off

    Thats a great idea! Going to do the same thing. Good call
  5. inkedrose

    Front mount mirrors with doors off

    $19.99 Smittybilts, work fine. I take them off when doors are on but you can leave them...
  6. inkedrose

    Play in RockLock

    My Jeep has a rock lock that was on it when I bought it. When it’s disengaged (free to articulate) it’s hitting the head of my steering armor bolt. Is it supposed to have that much play? When it’s locked there is no wiggle side to side. Can it be tightened up somehow? If not, would removing the...
  7. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Yeah I got all that. My carpet is fine, I was actually just looking for a cargo liner then I stumbled across the bedtred stuff. Made me start thinking a different direction
  8. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    I want one piece if I can find it. Thats the appeal of the bedtred. Seen a few people cut stuff down as well
  9. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    We have a WeatherTech store local. Going to go by there before I do anything. I have their mats in all my old other vehicles. Just want something to cover all the way from rear of front seats back. Most the cargo mats I've seen only cover a section of back area
  10. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    That’s where I’m at. Dog hair is already weaved in. Just wanted to make sure it would last awhile
  11. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    What’s the preference ?
  12. inkedrose

    Show Me Pics Of Your Silver TJ's Wheels

    Had silver rims on a yellow TJ. Set of silver and black Dick Cepek's on this one when I bought it, wasn't a fan at all. They looked to Flashy/futuristic for me. Hard to tell but black and dark grey aluminum set now. Went from 15" to 17" as well. Just burry them in mud and problem is solved...
  13. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Nice. Think I’ll probably pull trigger this week. My 2004 only has 35k miles, part of me hates to pull stock carpet. Was looking at cargo mats but couldn’t find anything the covers from under front seats all the way back. Did you do front and back or just rear?
  14. inkedrose

    What 12V air compressor do you carry in your TJ?

    I've had the same ARB single in two vehicles, haven't had any problems. Recently got a tank... compressor is just for back up now
  15. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Searched posts, everything I found was a few years old. I know several people said they had purchased these BedTred but it all seemed like all new purchases. How's longevity? Do they hold up? I have to run top on 1/2 the year. Between snow, mud and two dogs my jeep smells rancid. Any downside on...
  16. inkedrose

    How do you fix cupped tires?

    If there's no video, didn't happen!
  17. inkedrose

    Utah Pictures of TJ Fest 2022

    See a few "ride of the month" contenders in there
  18. inkedrose

    TJ towing a boat

    I have a TJ, a wakeboard boat (3500#) and a Silverado. I've used the Jeep to squeeze the boat into tighter areas around my house. Makes parking it way easer in tight spots but anything more than a block or two the full size takes it. As stated it gets super sketchy really fast. Have a buddy with...
  19. inkedrose

    4.88 or 5.13 gears?

    I have 5.13 w/35's. Love it! I can daily drive it but my commute is only 6 miles. It'll do highway speeds just not getting anywhere fast