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    New lift questions

    I just installed my OME lift and now have a list of follow up questions I’m hoping to get some help with. Im getting some slight vibrations(mainly around 40mph) and wondering the best way to combat them. Im wanting to plan out the next steps with in mind I might go taller in the future. I would...
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    Loose JKS disconnects?

    Hey Everybody, Just got done installing a bunch of new components on the Jeep. My JKS front disconnects sit loose where the bolt goes through the top bushing. The bolt is a lot smaller then the bushing diameter so there is a bunch of play and it’s causing a rattling noise when going over bumps...
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    Steering damper doesn't fit

    Can someone help me with this… I’m relplacing all my steering components with the Zj upgrade. I have a steering damper that doesn’t seem to fit. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong here or not. See pics. TIA!
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    Bearing caps torque specs

    Hey all, Was hoping someone could confirm what the torque specs are on the bearing caps for front differential. 2002 wrangler X with 3.07 gears. I’m finding different answers all over. TIA
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    Differential caps orientation question

    So, I replaced my axle seals. When I took out my gears from the differential these pieces circled in red fell out on the ground and now I’m not sure which side goes to which. I know the caps are super important but are these pieces just as important ? Is there a way to tell proper orientation...
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    Advice on u-joints

    Hey guys, I need some advice on replacing U-joints. I have my axles out and removed the stock U-Joints. I went to press the new spicer ones in and everything went good on first two sides. The second side must have went in crooked and cracked my u-joint and looks like did some damage to my outer...
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    OME lift

    Question for you guys.. I’m in the middle of my lift install and have the front springs installed OME 2933’s with 3/4 spacer. I regretfully didn’t measure anything before I started. Once I put the wheels and tires back on and set it on the ground it seems way taller then the advertised 2.5” even...