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  1. MangoTango

    Frame swap and AX-15 Rebuild

    Ok I've been saying I would do this and I'm tired of welding this frame back together every time I wheel so I bought a near mint 06 frame to swap into my 97.
  2. MangoTango

    Long arms and no regrets

    Long Arms, and a Belly Up Skid Plate. I personally think the ride quality is way better.
  3. MangoTango

    Pinion Removal

    Preface- I recently rebuilt and re-geared my Dana 30 (open diff) so all the gears, bearings, cups and seals are new. I'm now installing a front locker and 30 spline axle shafts which means I need to ensure the gear set up is correct (back lash and contact pattern). I'm re-using the 4:88 gears...
  4. MangoTango

    Rausch Creek Off Road Park

    I had some fun this past weekend. Nothing serious as I'm very new to wheeling and I've never wheeled this Jeep. I fell in love with it and I'm really looking to do more technical trails as I build this Jeep.
  5. MangoTango

    Maintenance questions for a 4.0 with 200k miles

    First of all, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is doing well today. So my 4.0 is at 200k and I've been experiencing some lifter noise. Since I've already got most of the front end out of the way (replacing lifters, cleaning and painting the engine), I was wondering if there are other things I...
  6. MangoTango

    Any gear tooth pattern experts here? (Dana 30 with new 4.88s)

    I' not sure if my depth gage is junk or what but no matter how deep or shallow I set the pinion (Manufacturer spec say 2.261" from axle centerline) or how much I shim the ring side of the carrier my backlash reading has always been between 0.053" and 0.069" (which is absurd). The manufacturer...
  7. MangoTango

    97 Sahara Restoration & Build

    My Jeep was named Death Trap by some of my co-workers who rode in it before I started repairing all the rust and worn out parts. Despite how it looks on the surface, there have been plenty of surprises along the way. In hindsight I probably overpaid for her, but there's something about this Jeep...
  8. MangoTango

    New member from Orchard Park NY

    Hi I'm Mike, I've been lurking on here for a while and finally got around to joining. I caught the Wrangler bug in 2007 when I got out of the Navy and moved back to Buffalo. My sports car wasn't cut out for winter life, so I bought a 2007 Wrangler X. I upgraded in 2011 with a Mango Tango...