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  1. CharlesHS

    Exploring the Philippines

    While I realize this is not a TJ related trip, but I thought some of you might be interested. Spent the past 5 weeks in the Quezon Province of the Philippines working on my 1993 PZJ 75 LandCruiser and then exploring the rain forest up in Kinabuhayan near Dolores and the local mountains of...
  2. CharlesHS

    Daytona Beach Jeep Week

    My brother and I drove from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach Friday and stayed until Sunday to look at the modified Jeeps, see what new parts the Vendors were offering; of which Tereflex, 4WP, Quadratec are just a few. We watched the different model Jeeps climb and crawl over the dirt obstacles in...
  3. CharlesHS

    SOLD Infinity Reference Series 4x6 front speakers

    Recently removed these speakers from my Jeep after installing a set of Polk Kappa's. These speakers are produced by Harmon International/Infinity Systems Infinity Reference Series 6412cfp 2 way 45W RMS / 135W peak Selling the set of two for $30 plus Expedited Flat Rate shipping ($10).
  4. CharlesHS

    Florida 1" Transfercase Drop kit

    Recently installed a Slip Yoke Eliminator kit with a double carden joint driveshaft; I removed a Rubicon Express TC drop kit which is available IF anyone is interested. The kit includes: (6) 1/2"-13 x 2 3/8" Grade 8 bolts (6) 1/2" x 1/8" x 1 3/8" washers (48) 1/2" x 1/8" x 2" fender...
  5. CharlesHS

    SOLD FS: JK to TJ Aluminum Wheel Adapters

    Recently purchased different size rims and do not need to use these wheel adapters. Selling a set of (4) 5x4.5" to 5x5" aluminum 1.25" wheel adapters with hardware. Asking $50 plus $25 USPS Expedited Shipping Will accept PAYPAL, but you pay the usage fee.
  6. CharlesHS

    2.5 to 4.0 Swap

    While this guy is a back yard mechanic; he does show ingenuity and skills... Thought you might be interested... he has four videos showing the Jeeps progress.
  7. CharlesHS

    Shameful JL

    Earlier today while leaving the restaurant my brother and I caught sight of a SHAMEFUL white Jeep JL Unlimited in the parking lot. We both looked at each other and said.... "Why would a Jeep owner abuse their Jeep like that..." ? Excuse the blurry second picture, but I was at the traffic light...
  8. CharlesHS

    SOLD FL: Factory Dana 35 rear driveshaft

    Recently installed a G2 SYE and Tom Woods DC joint rear driveshaft. I am posting to see if there is any interest in a Dana driveshaft PN: 9204070806G rear factory driveshaft. This comes off of a 2001 Jeep Wrangler with 4.0L, manual transmission and a Dana 35 rear differential. Buyer pays for...
  9. CharlesHS

    How do new Jeep owners afford them?

    Yesterday I went with my wife to look at the 2021 Jeep Wranglers at a Jacksonville, Florida Jeep dealership. The salesman said they had a small inventory of Wranglers due to availability. They had 5 new JLs on the lot; (2) 4Xe Rubicon Unlimited at $63K, (2) Sport Altitude at $45K, and the last...
  10. CharlesHS

    Is this bumpsteer?

    After installing the 2" lift springs the front stock trac bar axle mounting hole did not require a repositioning bracket or the less desirable drilling of a new hole in the mounting bracket. After 6 months of driving on the highway and dirt roads; the front end has settled ever so slight (1/8")...
  11. CharlesHS

    Early Birthday Present

    A couple days ago I received an early birthday present in the mail. The little boy in me is excited to assemble this Jeep.
  12. CharlesHS

    Hurricane Ida Assistance

    Not sure IF I am posting this in the correct Forum location.... Friday morning I am leaving with my brother and a couple family members to assist my brothers IN LAWS with recovery in Louisiana... The in laws were in the direct path of Hurricane Ida and their residences. One family members...
  13. CharlesHS

    Happy 4th of July

    So how are you celebrating the 4th of JULY ? I am attending a small get together with family and friends....
  14. CharlesHS

    What are you using to make up the difference in vehicle height when changing a spare tire?

    Going from 225/75x15 (28.25") to 255/75x17 (32.1") the Jeep is now at least 2" higher at the axle and frame; depending upon what size tires you installed. For those that have not yet or will not purchase a hi lift jack for the Jeep; you can place a spacer beneath the factory jack (this is what I...
  15. CharlesHS

    Lack of attention to detail .....

    After installing the Currie Currectlync Friday I setup an alignment with Firestone for Saturday (I have a lifetime policy) to check and fine tune if need be. On the way home I was hearing a rattle in the front of the Jeep so I decided I would look at the front end this morning when it was light...
  16. CharlesHS

    Florida PIAA Off Road lights and Hella wiring harness

    FOR SALE: Hella wiring harness with water proof connectors H84994031and PIAA 500 Off Road lights with 50 W Yellow Ion bulbs. Asking $80 OBO plus for Expedited Shipping OR local pickup. I accept PAYPAL payments, but you pay the transaction fee. You can contact me at: [email protected]
  17. CharlesHS

    Florida DELETED

  18. CharlesHS

    Florida Tubular rear bumper and Class 3 Receiver hitch

    Offering FOR SALE are a tubular rear bumper and Class 3 receiver hitch. Both are in good condition with minor scuffs and a tiny dent on the bumper. Local pickup preferred, but I am will to drive and meet you about 25 miles from Jacksonville, FL Asking $40 for the bumper and $30 for the receiver...
  19. CharlesHS

    Florida Factory Tubular Bumper

    Today I replaced the factory tubular bumper in this picture with a Fishbone Offroad Piranha bumper. This bumper is FOR SALE and in very good condition. For local pickup in the Jacksonville area OR I can meet part way. IF you have questions contact me at [email protected]
  20. CharlesHS

    Driveline Vibrations

    The 2001 Sport 4.0L that I purchased 14 months ago had OEM 20 year old sagging springs and decided to restore the factory ride height plus a little more. The before ride height measuring from the floor to the fender flare on a level surface was 33.75” front and 35” rear and after 35.5”/37.25”...