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  1. DropTopDon

    Is my catalytic converter about to shit itself?

    In a new to me LJ I have been hearing this rattling noise at start up. It gets drowned by engine noise and music when driving but it is still slightly there when driving too. Some times it will go away though. The PO told me it was because "the cat is rattling against the transmission". Upon...
  2. DropTopDon

    Is this lifter tick?

    Is this ticking noise lifter tick? I hear it almost any time my jeep is idling but when I begin driving I don’t hear it.
  3. DropTopDon

    Extending fog lights?

    Other than the quadratec extended harness, is there anyway to extend the factory fog light wiring?
  4. DropTopDon

    MML swap tips

    Planning on taking the brown dog MML out of my TJ and putting it into my LJ and putting the stock mounts into the TJ. I already have the shroud off and fuel line disconnected from the body lift install and I know I must remove the transmission mount nut. The question I have, is would it make...
  5. DropTopDon

    Linkage grommet replacement?

    Anyone know if I can get a replacement grommet which this part of the TC linkage pops into at the shifter? (231 transfer case).
  6. DropTopDon

    Lift feels higher on new jeep?

    I had a TJ with 3.75 inches of total lift and recently swapped the exact setup to an LJ (same tires). The LJ though for some reason feels considerably taller and has more space in the fenders. Does anyone know the reason for this? The fenders could be explained because the Tj had rubicon width...
  7. DropTopDon

    Body mount bolt snapped

    Was installing a body lift in my jeep and everything was going smoothly until I got to the last bolt I needed to remove for the body. My milwaukee impact couldn’t get it out on the highest setting and I should’ve taken that as a sign. I grabbed a breaker bar and started turning and the bolt...
  8. DropTopDon

    Broken lug stud help

    Yesterday my brother and I took both my jeeps to a jeep show about an hour and a half away to find potential buyers for it and on the way his driver side wheel blew off. Luckily it got trapped in the wheel well and didn’t fly down the road. When we stopped to check what had happened, we saw that...
  9. DropTopDon

    Jounce bumper help

    Trying to install longer bump stops in the rear and the old jounce bumper bolt does not want to come out. It just spins at the top. Any tips on getting it out?
  10. DropTopDon

    Control arm bolt help

    The other end of this control arm is disconnected and hanging so there shouldn’t be any tension left on this side. The bolt just spins in place but won’t come out. I tried hitting with a hammer but I don’t want to mushroom the threads of the bolt
  11. DropTopDon

    DropTop TJ to LJ build

    Picked up an LJ last Saturday. 2004 Light Khaki Metallic unlimited with 135k on the clock I already have a 2004 Rock Mountain Edition TJ which has the ultimate kit from DPG offroad and a few other mods that I have done. I plan on swapping all the parts from the TJ to the LJ and from the LJ to...
  12. DropTopDon

    Control Arm question

    So I was taking out my front adjustable lower control arms on my TJ which I have reverted back to stock coils and shocks, and idiotically I loosened and took out a bolt of each control arm on the front instead of doing one arm at a time. The bolts came out but without them the axle shifted...
  13. DropTopDon

    Help me install my lift

    Swapping a lift from my TJ to LJ and the shock bolt on the top does not want to come loose. The stud spins with the nut so I put some vise grips on the top of the stud but it still spins in the vise grip and just eats at the metal at the top of the stud. Any tips on getting this thing out? I...
  14. DropTopDon

    TJ to LJ part swap

    Brought an LJ home yesterday! I plan on swapping all parts from my old TJ to the LJ and making my TJ stock again. I will be swapping coil springs, shocks, all steering linkage, sway bars front and rear, track bars front and rear, cable shifter, control arms, axle shafts, tires, body lift, and...
  15. DropTopDon

    Odometer discrepancy on potential TJ purchase

    Travelling to look at an LJ I am planning on buying this Saturday. The listing says 130k and the owner says that the odometer works and is at 130k. When I ran the vin at carfax, it says it had 145k miles in 2015. That was the last time the mileage on the odometer was reported and in 2022 it says...
  16. DropTopDon

    What would you pay for a 230k mile TJ?

    Planning on selling my TJ and picking up an LJ this saturday for $12k. I know this question is asked all the time and depends on different factors but I am gonna ask it anyways so I can think straight. Currently I have a 2004 Jeep Rocky Mountain Edition (42Rle, 4.0, Dana 44 rear). It has minor...
  17. DropTopDon

    What do you guys think about this LJ

    Found this LJ for what I think to be a steal ($12k) a few hours from me. Everything looks good so far in the pictures. Owner claims he is the only owner, and it has 168k miles. It's a 2004 so does that mean it misses the ODPA and PCM issues from the 05-06? I am thinking about buying this LJ and...
  18. DropTopDon

    Returning angry sparrows noise

    Had the angry sparrows noise a couple months ago and since then rebuilt my front driveshaft with new u-joints and centering yoke kit from Spicer. Installed it about a month or two ago and I would always here small noises here and there coming from front driveshaft but never the loud squealing...
  19. DropTopDon

    LSD question

    While I had my jeep jacked up the other day, I noticed my rear tires spun in the same direction when I pushed on one. I have a Rocky Mountain Edition so it has a Dana 44 in the back with an LSD stock. Does this mean my LSD still works after 236k miles? Or is it just worn enough to not work under...
  20. DropTopDon

    Anyone running this Steinjager bumper? Anyone have any experience with this bumper or pictures of it? I think it looks pretty cool and IMO looks similar to the mopar rock crawler bumper. It is made in the USA so i’d expect quality but was wondering if anyone could attest.