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  1. csaxj3

    Bull Dawg LJ Hardtop Initial Impressions

    It’s fiberglass. Mine is airy as it’s white with random dark sprays. I’ll get a pic tomorrow. I’m sure you could easily line it. Try Erin, she was the main POC when I had questions. 423.777.4915
  2. csaxj3

    Tennessee Bartac seat covers and tomken winch plate

    they are available.
  3. csaxj3

    Tennessee Bartac seat covers and tomken winch plate

    It’s still in the garage. I’m afraid it would be too costly to ship to SC. Coming through Nashville this summer?
  4. csaxj3

    Best 4 inch lift?

    I got ride of my Rancho 5000x and went to non tuned Fox and they ride better. YMMV ETA: was also speaking to what is easily available in Australia.
  5. csaxj3

    Best 4 inch lift?

    OME or Fox when it comes to shocks. Does Fulcrum or Superior make TJ shocks?
  6. csaxj3

    Before and after pictures

    2/21 4/22
  7. csaxj3

    Best 4 inch lift?

    OME makes solid kit. Hit the Glasshouse when you get it done and share pics! Bucket list item for me is to run the Tele track up in Cape York.
  8. csaxj3

    Gear and locker quote for 2006 LJ

    Eaton lockers alone range $850-1100 per locker. Gears another $600-800 for a pair. Then labor. I was at $4500 for two ARB’s, compressor, gears, and install. Cheapest of about 5 shops I called. 3 of the 5 sub it out to the shop I ended up using.
  9. csaxj3

    Looking for track bar recommendations

    Currie / RockJock Love mine
  10. csaxj3

    Has anyone removed 17" wheels to go back to 15s? TN made :cool:
  11. csaxj3

    Has anyone removed 17" wheels to go back to 15s?

    I’d do it. 33x10.5’s on 15’s with 4” is the bees knees. You will enjoy the peppy power and looks good. I’m partial to the setup though.
  12. csaxj3

    What would be the best gear ratio for a daily driver?

    point is that 3.73's are not hard to find, try another shop.
  13. csaxj3

    They should have made TJs until 2010!

    Asian QC is far better than US QC. Well based on my limited sample size.
  14. csaxj3

    Looking for 35 inch tire recommendations

    Really enjoy my Maxxis razor's but they aren't 35's. know several with them who do like them as well
  15. csaxj3

    Tennessee Bartac seat covers and tomken winch plate

    Grey Bartac seat covers, receiver hitch, and Tomken winch plate in the greater Nashville area. $200 for everything.
  16. csaxj3

    Goodbye Guys

    I've run several trails at Windrock where "JK Bro's" told me I should turn around and wouldn't make it. Sure you lift wheels and always have the specter of a CV shattering, but the 5th gen locked with Atrac on does some serious work. That said I use it for family adventures into the woods...
  17. csaxj3

    Goodbye Guys

    Good buy. This is the comfort adventure vehicle. Can run about 60% of what I do with the LJ. Mostly due to it’s my daily and I have mechanical sympathy for it.