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    Need to mount the base ARB Locker Activation Compressor - Where is the best place to mount it and is there a bracket made for it? Any advice appreciated. 2004 LJ (not Rubicon)
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    Endoscope probe diameter for frame inspection?

    Any recommendations for an endoscope to check the condition of my body mount internal nuts/bolts? Have seen an Amazon version recommended here that has a 5 mm diameter probe but another version has a little better reviews?? (a ton of complaints about the App required on 5 mm version) but probe...
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    Do my stock Motor Mounts need replacing?

    Doing a MML and leaning toward the spacer blocks with stock mounts and trying to decide if existing mounts should be replaced at the same time? I assume they are original but look OK to me (see pics)? Would replacing them make the whole spacer install easier or complicate things?
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    Who else makes a 1.25 aluminum puck body lift other than Savvy?

    Sorry for another BL thread but my search skills suck and I am in a bind - feel free to direct me to existing threads. Savvy Customer Service is an oxymoron - need a body lift ASAP and Savvy has left me hung out to dry. Does anyone else carry Savvy stuff that might have stock? What is the...
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    Basic control arm installation questions

    Weekend project is installing new Savvy Double Adjustable aluminum control arms all around - think I have install generally figured out with 1 exception. I will be doing this in drive way with Jacks and jack stands, no lift. As I do one at a time - How do I setup jack and jack stands? Get...
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    How do I find replacement lower control arm bushings?

    I need Control Arm Bushings all around, but have no idea make/model of the adjustable control arms I have (lift done by PO). Are replacements bushings universal or make/model specific? If specific any way to determine what I have or measure current bushings to find replacement? TIA
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    Powertrax Grip LOK Early Review

    2004 LJ, Auto, 4 1/2" lift on 33's, 90% trail Rig. Just did a bunch of upgrades including re-gear to 4.88, Axel shafts, SYE, and lockers - e-locker front and Powertrax Grip LOK auto in rear. Have not had a chance to really crawl it yet but first impression is the Powertrax works as...
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    Transfer Case Skid Plate Body & MML Confusion

    2004 LJ 4.5" lift Auto on 33's (may go to 35's). Jeep has typical TC drop. I am in process of re-gearing etc. and doing SYE and drive shafts. Have UCF engine oil pan skid and factory TC shovel which I want to replace. With SYE and drive shafts I can get rid of TC drop - correct? If I go with...
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    Jimglo car hauler trailer recommendation

    Just want to throw out a recommendation for a car hauler to trailer your Jeep. I have an aluminum Jimglo Trailers Ego model . I will preface this Rec by warning these are not cheap - but well worth the cost in my opinion. I buy/restore/sell classic cars and originally got the trailer for...
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    Add Fuse Box - Check my Plan?

    2004 LJ Trail Rig - cleaning up the accessory wiring and just want to ground truth my plan. I will admit I am not an electrician but have a basic understanding of automotive electrical wiring, fusing, use of relays etc. Plan is to add 2 new small fuse boxes (with negative bus) - 1 always hot...
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    Downsizing from 10" to 8" wheels and looking for recommendations

    Thinking of downsizing my wheels from 10" to 8" wide. Currently running BFG AT K02 - 33X12.5 R15's on 10" wheels. Have 4 1'2" of lift and flat fenders. Trail Rig (no DD) and mainly play in the rocks - very little sand and hate the mud. I am not worried about flashy looks - just want a good...
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    Control Arm Bracket Replacement?

    Mashed the drivers side front lower control arm bracket beyond repair - might as wells replace both fronts. Sounds like Iron Rock are the go to with the RockJock mini-skids? What bolts do you use to attach the Control Arms? One question - I notice they do not have the mounts for the cam bolts...
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    Where should I mount the OX locker cable shifter?

    Seriously looking at putting a cable operated ox locker in the front axle of my LJ. How/where do people usually mount the shifter? Would love to see some pictures of some installs. Thanks
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    LJ Replacement Soft Top

    2004 LJ with what I think is OEM Soft Top and full hard doors. Having issues with the zippers on side windows - very hard to zip in and out. Back window was brittle & cracked in several places so bought a replacement but top zipper is missing teeth and we can't get it installed. Trying to...
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    Front Track Bar Axle Bracket Hole Repair

    Replacing front Track Bar with Metalcloak but found previous owner had added an extra mounting hole to the axel side bracket. He drilled the inside hole to close to factory and factory hole wallowed out to the point the margin between the holes is too thin/split. How do I fix it? I assume...
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    Multiple check engine codes—is my ECM dying?

    2004 LJ. Jeeping in Moab this week and all of a sudden the Jeep started throwing engine codes, all of the following all at the same time 2 for charging system - 1638 & 1594. 1775 transmission fault 0202 - #2 fuel injector The fuel injector made sense is the engine started having a miss...
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    Looking for recommendations on an LJ trail cover (over soft top)

    I need a Trail Cover for my LJ but want one that fits over OEM Soft Top - most are made to work only with no top on the jeep. Is there such an animal out there? I have had no luck finding one. Any help appreciated.
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    Soft Tops: Fastback vs Traditional Top

    TLDR - Looking at repairing/replacing current OEM soft top - Pros/Cons of Fastback style soft top vs Traditional square style top, and/or any repair options for existing top. 2004 LJ (Unlimited) 95% pure trail rig - Our original OEM soft top is reaching the end of its useful life. We remove...
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    Educate me on GMRS radios

    SIAP - I searched for threads but not sure I understand what I found (and my search skills may be lacking) - found some info in UHF/VHF and HAM but not sure if either is the same as GMRS/FRS? Feel free to re-direct me if needed. We do Jeep Jamborees and other off road events and it looks like...
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    Questions about full exhaust replacement for a 2004 LJ

    I am sure this has been answered but couldn't find specifics on '04 LJ and looks like some differences between model years (2000-2006 has "mini cats")? Jeep is 2004 LJ 4.0 Automatic and we are in Texas - last rock crawling trip we got a hissing sound that sounded like a tire leak but wasn't...