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  1. derekmac

    Rear Rubi locker stopped working

    So the rear locker on my 05 Rubi stopped working. I figured it might have been an air leak issue, but nope, it's holding pressure and not leaking. Today I took the rear cover off, and while I don't see any damage, a couple of super thin pieces of metal were sitting on the bottom. When turning...
  2. derekmac

    Broken fuel line question

    So I finally installed my Antirock, rear adjustable control arms, and angled track bar bracket. Yesterday I took it out for a little shakedown run, and it would seem that somehow the track bar bracket hit the fuel line above it and broke it right at the fitting. I was able to use a piece of...
  3. derekmac

    Windshield frame/glass differences

    I need to replace the windshield frame and glass in my 05. I bought a rust free frame from an 02, and buddy gave me a frame from an 04 that just had a new windshield put in it, but he didn't realize the frame was rotted out. I know that the inside trim pieces from the new frame won't fit the...
  4. derekmac

    Yep, another gearing question

    I have an 05 Rubi, 6spd with stock gearing. I normally run 35x12.5 tires, but my work has temporarily forced me to a different location that's triple the distance, so to help save wear on my 35's and save some at the pumps I put on a set of 235/75-15's. I can't access Grimmjeeper at work, so...
  5. derekmac

    Should I replace this winch hook?

    Pictured is the hook that came on the 8274 I picked up. Without seeing a WLL on it, should I replace it, or do the other markings tell us the rating?
  6. derekmac

    Derekmac's wheeling pics

    I might look at posting up some of my older pics for now since I have tons of them. I just wanted to create this post so I'd remember this new section, lol.
  7. derekmac

    Paint prep tips for a full paint job?

    Next week I plan on prepping and painting my Jeep. My plan right now is to remove the doors and hood and paint them off of the Jeep. The hood I could do on the Jeep, but I figured it would be easier to paint the inside of the hood if it's off. I'll be removing everything from the doors and...
  8. derekmac

    What color should I paint my wheels?

    I quite like my current rims, but have never been able to find a matching spare, and I want something with less backspacing (current ones are 4.5"). I don't like black rims, so I'm trying to pick a color to paint them. Right now, the below is what I have in the garage. Gloss red Gloss blue...
  9. derekmac

    Power Steering Hose Size?

    I ordered a Hayden 401 transmission cooler that I plan on using as a power steering cooler. I did this before checking the size of the return line though. The cooler comes with 3/8" hose/fittings. What would the size be on my 05 4.0?
  10. derekmac

    Which Stub Shaft? 2005 TJ Rubicon

    A couple of years ago I lost a u-joint cap on the front drivers side axle while wheeling, and had to drive it back to the campground to change it. The stub axle was damaged and bent a bit, so the new u-joint (cheap Napa special) needed to be welded in. It's now time to change that u-joint, but...
  11. derekmac

    Anyone Running Rock Krawler Triple Rate Coil Springs?

    I'm going to finally replace my ZJ springs and 2" BB spacer in the front of my Jeep. I was looking at these Rock Krawler springs, and was curious if anyone here is running them? Rock Krawler Front Triple Rate Coil Springs
  12. derekmac

    Coolant coming out of AC drain

    So I've been having a slight coolant smell for the past few months, but hadn't noticed any leaks. Until now... I have coolant dripping out of the AC drain, and the coolant level is slowly dropping. I'm not sure how the coolant is making its way out of the drain, but it is. I'm going to guess...
  13. derekmac

    Radiator support body mount after body lift question

    Yesterday I installed a 1.25" BL. When trying to torque the rad support mount, and wouldn't reach the torque spec, and just kept squishing the rubber snubbers, and sucking the rad down. I don't think I screwed anything up, but what it's doing doesn't seem right.
  14. derekmac

    Question for RC 4" lift owners

    For those of you with a 4" Rough Country lift in your Jeep, I was wondering if you could tell me how much actual lift (spring height installed) it gives in the rear. The RC website says the lift levels the vehicle, which makes me think they'd give around 3" of lift. The reason I'm asking is I...
  15. derekmac

    Which adjustable front track bar?

    I'm planning on finally getting an adjustable front track bar, and I'm looking for thoughts on which to get. I have 3" of lift in the front. These are what I'm looking at as they are in my price range (around $180 Canadian). Rock Krawler RK05194 Rubicon Express RE1600 Rough Country 7572
  16. derekmac

    Which rim to choose?

    So I'm getting ready to have my 35's mounted, but I'm not sure which rims I want to go with. I currently have my 33's mounted on the silver American Racing rims, and I just took off my spare 33 and mounted a 35 on the black Pro Comp rim. I only have one Pro Comp, so I'd have to buy four more...
  17. derekmac

    Anyone use the TMR adjustable front track bar?

    I was just wondering if anyone here is running the TMR adjustable front track bar? It's about time I get an adjustable bar, and would like to support something made in Canada if I can. I know most buggy guys here run a lot of TMR gear and it's tough as hell, but a buggy and a "normal" Jeep are...
  18. derekmac

    Won a set of tires, now what to pick?

    This weekend, Pirate Offroad Nation (PORN) hosted its third annual Valley Invasion. It's an epic weekend of wheeling and hanging out with 450 of your closest friends. Anyways, for the closing ceremonies they gave away a ton (well over $10k) worth of gear, and I happened to win a set of 5 tires...
  19. derekmac

    Photoshop request

    I'm planning on painting my Jeep this summer, and have been playing with the idea of following the Jurassic Park paint scheme. I'd like to see what it would look like with the Jeep being gloss black, and having the red stripes in flat black. Also looking for the Jeep being gloss black, and the...
  20. derekmac

    How to remove door trim pieces?

    I'm eventually going to be painting my Jeep, and to make it easier/better, I want to remove as much trim as possible. I'm unsure of how to remove this piece, and the outside trim.