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  1. dallasdig

    Continuing problems with water pump

    I've replaced my water pump and it's still leaking. So I started over again cleaning it, adding new gasket and it still leaks. Both times it was fine for about 5 minutes but after 5 minutes would start leaking. Am I missing something? Could it be a problem with the part (Mopar from Mopar Parts...
  2. dallasdig

    Antifreeze leak behind lower pulley

    2006 LJ has just developed an antifreeze leak. Looks like it's coming from behind the lower pulley. I'll have a better chance to look at it when I am off work tomorrow but am wondering what's behind that pulley and if that could be source of leak.
  3. dallasdig

    Will OEM windows fit a Bestop?

    I found someone selling OEM windows and I'm wondering if they will fit my Best Top? These are for an 06 TJ unlimited. Windows are from a TJU also. My concern is will they zip up properly?
  4. dallasdig

    Nut on bottom door pin spins but won't come off

    I'm trying to take doors off the LJ I bought this week. Top nut comes off but bottom one just spins. Do I need to cut it off? Is a cut off tool the best tool for the job?
  5. dallasdig

    Need a "how to tow" tutorial on towing with tow straps

    As snow is starting to fall across our country, I am interested in learning how to tow (or more specifically pull other vehicles out of ditches) with my TJ. This is my first year owning one and I need to know what equipment I would need (tow straps, etc.) and where to attach straps to the jeep...
  6. dallasdig

    I don't care about wheels, but...

    I am not a wheel guy and in my 58 years on this earth have never cared what my wheels look like. However, I just bought a 2004 Red Wrangler X and it happened to have these wheels on it and I thnk they are incredibly cool, adding a little bit of flair to an otherwise stock Jeep.