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  1. Ditchdoc

    Driving a manual is like fly fishing, a auto is like bait casting

    I drive both on and off and i fish both with fly and bait. When I'm asked what it's like I give that comparison.
  2. Ditchdoc

    Big bear march 19. Wheeling alone but not really.

    Heading up to big bear California. March 19. Maybe dishpan or others. Going alone but as we all know these trails are never empty. If I break down anyone I'm more than welcome to come laugh at me.
  3. Ditchdoc

    Old brittle vacuum lines. Is there a kit of assortments to make your own?

    I'm sure a couple hundred people here with same situation. My vacuum lines are old and brittle. Is there a kit of assortments to make your own?
  4. Ditchdoc

    From 795 to 72000

    We’ve been shopping for a new grocery getter. Out the door price is 72k. I know a 22 hybrid is a lot mor comfy. But is it 71k worth that comfort?
  5. Ditchdoc

    California Running the Rubicon (daughter and father trip)

    Running the rubicon with my daughter in separate jeeps for the summer of 22. This tread is to document our trip. Starting with prep, practice and completion.
  6. Ditchdoc

    California Local action

    I joined the forum to find jeepers to crawl some local malls with. Are there any geographically centered topic? Particularly so California around Brea mall.
  7. Ditchdoc

    What is a cheap locker for a Dana 35?

    What is a cheap locker for a Dana 35?I’m running 307 gears on 33s.
  8. Ditchdoc

    TJ soft top with frame and door trims. Good condition. Black.

    Soft top with frame. Good condition
  9. Ditchdoc

    Cruise control module

    Anyone know where I can buy a NEW module for 99?