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    Does this plug go to the blower motor switch?

    So I have this switch but not sure if it is to the blower motor or not. I am having to rewrite to the blower motor and this is my first issue after realizing I have no power to the motor. 1999 6 cylinder TJ
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    Plug under dash--

    I pulled this plug off of the connections under the dash to the left of the steering column of my 1999 wrangler. I cannot seem to find them local at the parts stores and was wondering if any of you have found them? Dealer on somewhere on the internet maybe? Thanks CS
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    Unknown ground plug

    In the ongoing pursuit to someday get my gauges working in my 1999TJ I found this plug not seeming to have a home. Located on the drivers side
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    PCM connection

    I have been tracking down an issue with power and my instrument gauges not working. Oh but lets back up and mention that I did take the jeep swimming and since then no gauges. Okay now that is out of the way, so my instrument lights work but the gauges don't. No power to the instrument plug in...
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    Will these tires fit?

    I recently bought a 1999 TJ sport which has 31 X 10.5 R15 Michelins which need to be replaced. I have a friend offering me a set of 245/75R17 and the rims as he bumped up his overall size on their new Wrangler. My question is whether this new tire size on the rims will work or is the only true...
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    Gas Gauge Power

    I have a 1999 tj that recently decided to go swimming. Not a great idea at all. So my dash lights work but gauges will not and I have read several of the posts to get an idea of what it might be. Yesterday I pulled the sending plug off of the gas tank to see if power and/or ground signals are...
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    ground wire

    So when i pulled off the instrument panel i found thid ground strap with a small blac wire connection that goes nowhere. any idea of where this would normally tie into. i have looked but cant find a missing port or bare wire anywhere
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    Blower Motor Fan

    I have had a bit of a problem when I decided to take my jeep for a swim. I was able to get it cleaned up and running but have run into a problem which hopefully someone can help me with. I was blowing the 10 amp fuse in the internal fuse box behind the glove compartment. The 10 amp fuse would...