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  1. Theblkprl1999

    WTB: 03-06 long arm with skid

    Looking for a long arm kit preferably a rubicon express long arm upgrade for a 03-06 Tj. But lmk what you got
  2. Theblkprl1999

    Ccd pci v8 question. Please help!!

    So having a hard time figuring out what to do. Donor 99 durango ccd 5.9 motor and trans. Into a 2004 pci Tj I have access to an entire 99 ccd Tj for wiring. I mean everything. (Gutting for a simple buggy refresh.) Question is. What to do about swap wiring. Do I use the entire Durango...
  3. Theblkprl1999

    2004 RHD Magnum R/T swap

    So today I begin the magnum swap in my wife’s 04 rhd! This is going to be good. I have plans to try something different as far as wiring goes just need to check a few thing first. Plan - use the entire drivetrain minus tcase from a Durango R/T utilize the harness I have for a 99 Tj as well...
  4. Theblkprl1999

    CCD to PCI

    Would it be possible to depin the pci/transmit receive stuff from a 2004 connector and move it to a 1999 connector on the c3 plug
  5. Theblkprl1999

    5.9 magnum swap help

    Alright guys. Getting ready to start a new project. A rhd 5.9 swap. I have a few things I can’t wrap my head around as of yet.. Backstory. I have a full running working (daily driver) donor vehicle 1999 Durango slt. With a 5.9 Planning on putting the entire drivetrain minus tcase into my...