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  1. UglyDuck

    RMS and transmission question

    Ok so I’m curious about the transmission / rear main seal relationship. I’ve read that the trans does not need to be out to the RMS, but if it is out; let’s say for a clutch job, does that make it any easier or have other benefit for the RMS replacement?
  2. UglyDuck

    Range shift fork pads different

    Rebuilding transfer case. Kit came with a bunch of fork pads, some of which work on the big fork but not the other. What’s the deal?
  3. UglyDuck

    To clutch or not to clutch?

    I have the transfer case out as I’m doing an SYE and rebuild on it. Occurred to me that I’m 70% of the way towards replacing the clutch. No idea how old it is. Jeep has 205k on the clock. Seems to work ok ish but….?
  4. UglyDuck

    Need help charging A/C

    Charged the AC but not getting cold enough temps according to the book specs. Done everything right I think, pretty well versed on the process. Throwing my hands in the air now.
  5. UglyDuck

    Solved AC issues

    AC woes no more (I hope)
  6. UglyDuck

    A/C hose replacement options

    Need to replace the refrigerant line on my 02 Sport. Local part stores seem to have only one hose, not both. (Only replacing the lines with the rubber section, not the hard line). Any advice on brand or sourcing much appreciated.
  7. UglyDuck

    AC low pressure switch

    *Edit/update* Thought my low pressure switch was bad, found some thread that mentioned jumping it to troubleshoot. Tried that, thought it was my issue. It wasn’t. Turns out I had a bad hose with a slow leak.
  8. UglyDuck

    The Ugly Duck (built not bought)

    *CURRENTLY UPDATING POST AS I GO* So here it is, I finally decided to put down some notes on the build. 6 months into ownership, and the ugly duck has come a long way, with more to come as well. I’ll add pics throughout the post, best I can. Started with an 02 wrangler sport, 4.0 5spd, Dana 44...
  9. UglyDuck

    Valve cover hardware diagram

    Doing my VCG and made this up if anyone else needs it.
  10. UglyDuck

    Drum brake woes

    Concluding my brake system overhaul, finally got to the drum brakes. Took pictures, looked at previous threads, saved the “example photo” that went around on here as well. Mostly went as planned with a few hiccups. Easily remedied from the previously mentioned resources. Two things...
  11. UglyDuck

    New studs vs ET lug nuts

    Ok so I have the short lug nuts on the rear wheels. I’ve been running the ET lug nuts for proper thread engagement, but now I’m doing rear brakes and axle seals/bearings, I.e., it’s all taken apart. I have an opportunity to replace the shorter style wheel studs with longer ones. Is one better...
  12. UglyDuck

    Brakes and axle seal / bearing

    So I’m doing a complete brake system overhaul. When I got to my rear brakes (dana44 with drums) I knew I had a leak somewhere but was kinda hoping it was the wheel cylinder. Turned out to look like the axle seal instead so I researched that on here and ended up ordering the Timken seals and...
  13. UglyDuck

    WTB: Steering column bezel (clamshell)

    Need two piece steering column trim (clamshell), grey, 2002, manual trans. With hardware.
  14. UglyDuck

    WTB: Headlight mount

    Need passenger side headlight adjuster, will buy whole bucket assembly if need be.
  15. UglyDuck

    Two months of TJ

    Well it’s officially been two months since I’ve taken possession of my first TJ aka the Ugly Duck. Here’s what I have accomplished so far, not in any particular order; Oil/filter Front / rear diff oil Coolant system flush Correct thermostat/ new housing Serpentine belt / tensioner / pulley...
  16. UglyDuck

    Installling steering kit and track bar

    I have the Crown ZJ steering kit (now known as RT off road) and JKS adjustable track bar. I’ve read through prior posts and am up to speed on most of the process. Currently jeep is up on jackstands waiting for my new wheels to arrive (expected today). I figured this would be a good time to...
  17. UglyDuck

    Canyon wheels in PHX

    This guy wants to get rid of these wheels pretty bad, he offered them to me for free and is about to put them in the trash. Not sure if anyone cares or is interested.
  18. UglyDuck

    JKS adjustable front track bar mistake

    Ok so I found someone selling a JKS front track bar for what seemed like a reasonable price. NOS, never installed, got it home and realized it mounts differently than what my TJ has on it now. Looking to sell it and replace with something else. Willing to take a small hit on the price of...
  19. UglyDuck

    JKS quicker disconnect issue

    So I caved and got the JKS 2001 disconnects. I read how easy the install was, and for the most part can agree, aside from one of the links not adjusting easily due to stuck threads. Once that was solved, I adjusted the lengths and noticed a difference between the two. At first it was a lot...
  20. UglyDuck

    Why's my top like this?

    Working through all the little bugs on the new to me TJ. Being that it’s raining here, the top has my attention. What’s going on with this windshield header bar? One side sits flush, the other side not so much. Thanks in advance