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  1. Sancho

    Alternatives to Mopar radiator?

    1800radiator has the koyorad radiator. Looks quality, works well 3 weeks in.
  2. Sancho

    Jerry cans

    Best place for old school tanks that fit in an Orfab carrier.
  3. Sancho

    SOLD 2002 OEM Hardtop - $250

    Driving there is outta the question. Thek gas cost alone is nearly the cost of a new one. Is shipping even feasible?
  4. Sancho

    Chris' Modern Bluegrass Thread

    These guys are just eating up my ears. Pickin n' Series:
  5. Sancho

    FREE Free TJ Parts (New menber I cant reply on the Classifieds forums)

    I might need those power steering lines and pump. 92111
  6. Sancho

    Is it possible to have a true dual purpose Jeep?

    What about dabbing? Can I dab into the jeep?
  7. Sancho

    New side-interest, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Did you have the warthog throttle and stick?
  8. Sancho

    Is it possible to have a true dual purpose Jeep?

    You gotta twerk your way in.
  9. Sancho

    Is it possible to have a true dual purpose Jeep?

    IMO... Serious rock crawling and DD are never a good mix. It can be done with a lot of work, but factor in damage and disrepair after trips. In SoCal... a lot of the dedicated "rock crawlers" are often trailered in. And they stopped being a jeep years ago, and are more like jeep-shaped-custom...
  10. Sancho

    1" body lift on 2005 6-speed

    I've installed a 1.25 savvy BL.. paired with a 1" mml brown dog. I have a 2005 tj, 6 spd manual. 2.5 inch lift. The vibes were definitely reduced, possibly eliminated. Had to realign the shifter bezel back a bit, and had to install a transfer case shifter cable.
  11. Sancho

    California OEM Khaki TJ Soft Top

    I have the frame.. and my current $200 top is still functioning well. I'm tempted to buy the windows and top... but fear the offer would be way to low for you. I have more want than need atm.
  12. Sancho

    Why no Jeeps in Jurassic Park 2 Lost World?

    That the Lance Armstrong edition? Get it.. cuz 1 ball. And Lance has 1 testicle. Get it??
  13. Sancho

    Why no Jeeps in Jurassic Park 2 Lost World?

    UTV > Jeep when Pow Pow dinosaurs.
  14. Sancho

    Is an axle upgrade worth it for me?

    Super 35 is the way to go. The peace of mind is worth it, let alone risk mitigation and the associated costs of breaking down on the trail. Do it when you regear... which will be even more necessary when you upsize to 33's.
  15. Sancho

    What's your favorite gasket scraper?

    X2 on razor blades... oft times paired with needle nose pliers.
  16. Sancho

    Well crap, I need a new phone!

    I am a luddite at heart. But smartphones, especially integrated with office 365, is extremely efficient and useful. It isn't meant to replace a laptop/pc, (especially excel work), but it really streamlines productivity. It is exponentially more productive when you integrate power apps, power...
  17. Sancho

    SOLD 2002 OEM Hardtop - $250

    How does an 02' fit on an 05'?
  18. Sancho

    Who was it?

    Ya.. airing down is important. Haven't done that in years... but you gotta cheat to the driver side a tad bit more.
  19. Sancho

    Build lift, or buy kit?

    Try the OME TJ Kit or the Ultimate kit at DPG offroad. The reason I suggest this choice is: 1. You wanna keep it simple, so just get one already pieced together. 2. DPG offroad has good customer service support as you install it. 3...
  20. Sancho

    Build lift, or buy kit?

    Buy it.