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  1. psrivats

    A lesson learned—keep it light and nimble!

    FIFY before this goes multiple pages 😂
  2. psrivats

    Best dash tweeters

    @Chris had a set (made in Germany?) in his most recent khaki TJ. I recall our resident audio expert @skrelnik saying they were top notch. I can't recall the brand name 😐
  3. psrivats

    "Pacing myself" build

    You very much deserve it my friend.
  4. psrivats

    TJ build discussion

    What wheelbase are you considering for your build? 37s on a TJ without a stretch will result in a crippled rig in terms of performance - since the wheelbase actually gets shorter when you lift a rig, still use stock axle locations and put larger tires - think about this carefully. Without...
  5. psrivats

    Congratulations to starkey480, the June 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM)

    Congrats @starkey480! Now you gotta plan something even more epic for the EoY contest! @hosejockey61 your photo was still my favorite 🏔️🏔️
  6. psrivats

    What's your dream car collection

    Pre-AMC era Willys jeeps. CJ-3B is the top pick, but I like CJ5 and CJ6 from that era too. I grew up in India with Mahindra versions all around me and it's just embedded in my memory. I'd love to get one and learn to restore it myself. A well setup TJ 🙂 70 series land cruiser. I like the 4...
  7. psrivats

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    The spirit will live on in other jeeps.
  8. psrivats

    Poison Spyder Fully Welded Cage

    I really don't understand most of the tubular "cages" that most folks put in their rigs. The factory B-pillar is 2.5" x .120 wall. It is stupid strong if you understand how strength scales when it comes to tubing. Real cages should not have any compromises. Stanchion design is a compromise for...
  9. psrivats

    Help with the SwayLOC

    Thank you for changing it. I am sorry to hear about you bad experience with LE.
  10. psrivats

    Help with the SwayLOC

    @TheBoogieman I know your penchant for the macabre, but really .. are we in the 90s with .gif avatars?
  11. psrivats

    Arizona Rock Crawling Daily Driver

    I hope the current owner is enjoying that rig. Blaine did fantastic work on it. What were your impressions on that drive, if you still remember anything? Your plan is sound and you have Blaine to guide you and the Colorado Krew's videos for some reference. I guarantee that those tuned shocks...
  12. psrivats

    Keeping house cool by watering roof?

    I actually did this just earlier this evening and it does help. I do it when we get these random heatwaves out of nowhere. We went from rain/60s to 97F in the span of a week and it feels crazy warm. I don't have central air and the house gets pretty nasty since the hottest part of the seems to...
  13. psrivats

    Arizona Rock Crawling Daily Driver

    Excited to see the next phase of your build and your journey with good shocks.
  14. psrivats

    Arizona Rock Crawling Daily Driver

    One good deed begets another. I hope I can develop more relationships like you do, Blaine.
  15. psrivats

    Daily Driver, Go Where I Want To Build

    Phew ... Jeep body. For the fuel cell?
  16. psrivats

    Best way to carry 10 gallons of gas outside the Jeep?

    @toximus what solution did you finally decide on?
  17. psrivats

    Who was it?

    I thought we raised the body mounts and the frame to avoid the crack! 😅 Jokes aside .. how does one even start the recovery on something like this? Must have take a couple hours minimum to get that thing extricated.
  18. psrivats

    Difference between Engine Skids: 97-02 vs 03-06

    I remember that thread with your bent savvy skid, and you are saying you dented a 2nd oil pan with that same savvy skid? I hope you do come back and post how your new skid fares. Tangentially, have you by any chance considered going to bigger tires (and properly doing what is needed for that)...
  19. psrivats

    Estimate springs for use on coil-overs

    Nothing wrong with esoteric discussions .. just need to find the right place and audience. I'm an engineer too and I get wanting to get into details and the physics and the math. However .. what is more important is to understand the big picture. This is not at you but everyone in general...