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  1. Tigerman

    Thank you guys and the best of luck!

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all the members of the forum who, over the time I have been here, have guided and helped me numerous times. You are the best! I sold my Jeep and it is time for me to say good bye to this wonderful community. We might still run into...
  2. Tigerman

    3D printing of TJ parts

    What material are you planning on printing with?
  3. Tigerman

    September 2020 Ride of the Month Contest

    Next stop the "Milky Way".
  4. Tigerman

    How much money have you put into your TJ build?

    This Jeep of mine, as I promised to myself, is staying completely stock! I have kept the promise since I repaired it and that is the way it is going to be. Only maintenance... period :cool:
  5. Tigerman

    Loose door handle fix?

    The panel is indeed held by clips, besides the (3, if I remember correctly) screws. Don't be afraid to break the clips. Carefully, but with force, pry the panel off. Those clips are easily replaceable. You can order them on Amazon and they are cheap. Here is a link: door panel clips.
  6. Tigerman

    Harmonic vibrations in Jeeps: A new theory (please read!)

    I have vibrations as well and on a completely stock Jeep, even the tires are the original size. They appear at 65~68 and disappear closer to 75. My previous Jeep's vibrations were a little more pronounced but around the same speeds. It seems to me this is normal, unless it is really bad.
  7. Tigerman

    Harmonic vibrations in Jeeps: A new theory (please read!)

    Do the vibration stay when you accelerate past 75mph for example?
  8. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    This is how the normal engine bay looks after it gets fully hot with no cuts in the hood. I was searching for all the infrared images I took back in 2016/2017 but so far only this small one came up. Haha, just came across one of my dog :)
  9. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    @Wildman, I searched for approximate dates I owned my other Jeep and found a picture with the first air scoop I cut :). You seem to be genuinely interested in the information, so i will post it for you.
  10. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    This was years back, if I come across them, I will post them. However, this is the second time you are trying to call me a lier. It seems to me that your interest is not the pictures but finding a way to insult me. I have no reason to bullshit or misdirect anyone here. if I choose to comment...
  11. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    The easiest way to see exactly what happens with the heat is to drive it, immediately stop and then take a picture with a FLIR camera. You can see the whole heat distribution of course. Once the pictures were taken, I drilled a vent right above the air intake and installed a scoop, to funnel...
  12. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    I do understand where you are coming from but you are imagining perhaps a special facility or a special program to do this? That is not how it works. The cars have been around for a while and there are proven, tested ways of doing things. This stuff is taught at schools. Engineers stick to...
  13. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    Right above the radiator is one of the spots where it is safe to put a vent, according to my experiments.
  14. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    Removing heat from the engine bay is not a bad thing at all! You are right, however. If placed in the wrong spot, the vent actually can disrupt the flow of air and cause it to escape the bay too early, without cooling some parts of the engine. As a result, you end up with cooler spots in some...
  15. Tigerman

    Anyone install hood vents?

    No disrespect to anyone, just sharing info here... There is a certain direction and a pattern to the airflow that goes through the engine bay. This pattern is selected by the engineers for uniform engine cooling and is important. It is also completely adequate for the cooling of the TJ, even...
  16. Tigerman

    Clutch pedal won't depress after replacing clutch master and slave cylinder

    Is it possible the salve cylinder is not properly bolted and got miss-aligned?
  17. Tigerman

    I tested out my front and rear Detroit Truetrac LSDs

    Thank you, missed that video.
  18. Tigerman

    I tested out my front and rear Detroit Truetrac LSDs

    What is the difference between the Detroit truetrac LSD and the factory LSD that, for example, my 98 Sport has in the back?
  19. Tigerman

    4.0 Cooling Issues

    Thank you :) @nk24